Seniors for Sale

What a bizarre headline !!!

But this is true, this was the headline in the Seattle Times last Sunday exposing the reality of Seniors face today. Here were few more disturbing headlines in the newspaper.

"We didn’t know, and i didn’t complain early enough to save her."

"Fragile, pushed out and paying a price."

I would hazard a guess that most of us do not believe that stuff like this will happen to us. But then, I doubt if any of the individuals featured in the Times thought this would happen to them

Here is the link to the full article here: Seniors For Sale

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  1. I have heard of this story. It may sound good to others at first, you know keeping older people in their own homes and things like that. But this kind of setting provides the buyer or brokers,as they called it, opportunities to abuse elderly people left in their care. More often than not, these home buyers, may not be able to give the appropriate care that a patient or an elderly person needs.

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