Rising Cost of Living

It’s official: No Social Security Increase in 2011. Officially there is no inflation. So why does your insurance premium, price of gas, price of food and other bills keep going up?

Brand name drug prices skyrocketing.  What is the difference between government bureaucracy and corporate bureaucracy? Little. But it costs seniors dearly.

Changes in Advantage Plans will mean higher cost for some seniors.  Advantage plans no longer receive the subsidy they once did. For many companies offering these plans, this cuts into their profits. And one way to make up the disappeared revenues is to increase premiums or shave off benefits. For some retirees with such plans it means but one thing – their costs will be going up.

Aging Health costs challenging US future – Bernanke. This should not come as a surprise. More retirees than workers who contribute to Social Security and Medicare add up to deficits. The moral of this tale is clear – expect changes and likely cuts to the programs. Unless you are proactive in planning for your retirement years, uncovered medical and long term care costs may prove to be a hurdle that you will not be able to overcome.

Top concern of caregivers of ALZ patients:

  • Memory loss (41%), personal safety (33%) and confusion (27%) are the biggest worries caregivers have for those in their care dealing with Alzheimer’s. 55% also state that caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s takes a toll on their personal health and 60% of the care providers felt overwhelmed. You know this first hand if you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.
  • Walking may save memory. This is no surprise, but a good reminder for those who would wait till the perpetual tomorrow to start exercising.
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