Dishonest Debate About Deficit Reduction

The real problem in America is not the Government – it is us. Why? We are the ones who want the government to cut the deficit without touching Social Security, Medicare or taxes. Who is kidding who? We need to get real. When commentators speak of American ingenuity and resilience they speak of the capacity to intelligently make decisions even in the face of personal sacrifice (I think!). Neither of our two political parties is being honest about the solutions – but we (the voters) can do better. The politicians have their finger in the wind to navigate their actions. If we the voters would be honest and reach out to our legislators with honest opinions they too would change.

Deficit Reduction Proposals being considered and what it should mean to you. There is much being done by bi-partisan commissions and task forces to come up with realistic solutions to address the very real problem that our nation faces. In the words of one study: We believe that America is facing two huge challenges that can only be surmounted if both political parties work together: recovery from the recession and restraining the soaring federal debt.   It goes on to say that this alarming prospect was created by the actions of both political parties over many years, with strong public approval. Read the Commission Report that everyone is talking about.

  1. Deficit report (PDF) calls for Senior Citizens paying more for Medicare: Another solution offered by a bi-partisan group. Worth looking at.
  2. The Wall Street Journal reports that 70% of Americans uncomfortable with making cuts to programs such as Medicare, Social Security and defense.
  3. US News is reports that more seniors declaring bankruptcy in retirement.
  4. Medicaid is a central part of the safety net for middle class Americans.
  5. Here is an article discussing the Republicans and the deficit.


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