Assisted Living Experts Don Hansen, Chad Solvie Join Rajiv on the Air April 1, 2017

The Cascade Park Communities in Tacoma have been serving the residential needs of seniors for more than two decades, and on Saturday April 1, the man most responsible for that success, Don Hansen, joins Rajiv Nagaich the studio. Also appearing live with Rajiv will be the man replacing Mr. Hansen as he prepares to retire, experienced senior living professional Chad Solvie. This live segment of the AgingOptions radio program will allow listeners to learn more about two of the fastest growing areas of senior living, assisted living and memory care.

One of the things that sets the Cascade Park Communities apart – and a topic that has been in the headlines a lot in recent weeks as Congress debates changes to federal health care policy – is that Cascade Park accepts residents receiving Medicaid assistance. As federal policy revisions threaten to bring Medicaid cuts to low income recipients, Don and Chad will be able to present a frontline perspective on this extremely contentious and timely issue.

Assisted living is the choice of a growing number of seniors who are healthy enough to live with some independence but who still need help with some of the activities of daily living.  Most of us understand the basics of assisted living, but for those interested in deciding whether assisted living is right for them or someone they love, we suggest this article on the website Seniors Guide. There’s no single checklist that can answer every circumstance, but here are a few statements that might be helpful. How many of these apply to you or your loved one?

“When it comes to my level of independence:”

  • I am still relatively healthy.
  • I like having my own living space.
  • I like being independent.
  • I am willing to move to a smaller home, or am unable to stay in my current home.
  • I prefer to live on my own, or do not have a relative or friend with whom I can live.
  • I no longer feel safe in my home.
  • I feel isolated in my home.

“Concerning my activities for daily living:”

  • I need help getting in and out of the bathtub or taking a bath or shower.
  • I need help getting dressed.
  • I need assistance with personal grooming.
  • I get my medicines mixed up or can’t remember when to take them.
  • I can no longer cook or need help preparing meals.
  • I can no longer drive or can only drive very short distances.
  • I do not have family or friends nearby if I need help with daily tasks.

“If most or all of the above Independence and Daily Living statements apply to you,” says the article in Seniors Guide, “and you do not need regular nursing or medical care, then assisted living may be a good option for you.”

Don Hansen brings a unique background to the field of assisted living and memory care. In his extensive and varied career, he spent 20 years as a registered structural engineer and then another 20 years as a developer, bringing projects from concept to design to completion.  Don then brought his design and business skills together with his passion to provide for the needs of low income adults and developed Cascade Park Gardens in Tacoma, serving as owner and operator of this 82-bed facility for more than two decades. The Cascade Park Communities now encompass three facilities: Cascade Park Gardens for memory care, Cascade Park Vista for assisted living, and Cascade Park Active Day, one of the only programs of its type in Tacoma. Don also has many interests beyond his enthusiasm for senior care: he has traveled extensively on mission trips to Ethiopia, India, South Africa and Cambodia, and has been extremely active in his community as a Tacoma Rotarian. He has also been very involved in several professional boards and organizations.

Rajiv’s other guest is Chad Solvie, who assumed the role of Cascade Park Communities Executive Director last October.  Chad comes to Cascade Park with extensive professional experience after serving for 17 years at Poulsbo’s highly-regarded Martha and Mary senior living community, first as Administrator and then for more than 8 years as Executive Director. Chad’s long-term care experience goes back more than two and a half decades, beginning when he served seniors as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the early 1990’s.

To learn more about vibrant senior living in the heart of Tacoma, click here for the Cascade Park Communities website. And tune in to the AgingOptions Radio Show Saturday, April 1, 2017, to learn about Cascade Park and about trends in senior living and in Medicaid that will almost certainly affect you or someone close to you. If you miss the weekend program, visit the AgingOptions website here where you’ll find all our radio programs archived.  Rajiv looks forward to welcoming Don Hansen and Chad Solvie to the studio where they’ll be available to take your questions and calls.

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