Preparing for probate

Anyone with property has an estate. The point of probate is to legally clarify the ownership of that property in order to distribute the title of the property when you die. Any asset that has a document to establish the identity of the owner (title to a car, deed to a house, account ownership papers … Read more

The Probate Process: What to Do Following a Death ?

The emotional trauma brought on by the death of a close family member often is accompanied by bewilderment about the financial and legal steps the survivors must take. The spouse who passed away may have handled all the couple’s finances. Or perhaps a child must begin taking care of administering an estate about which he … Read more

Aretha Franklin Died Without a Known Will in August 2018 – Now Her Sons Are Headed for a Court Battle

LATE-BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN: As we were preparing to publish the following story here on the Blog, a disputed will allegedly written by the late Aretha Franklin and found stuffed between couch cushions in her Michigan home has been found by a jury to be valid. This article published in the Hollywood Reporter was one of … Read more

Subjecting Your Loved Ones to Confusion, Conflict on Top of Grief: The Ramifications of Dying Without a Will

Here on the Blog, we’ve written many times about the importance of preparing proper estate planning documents well in advance, and the need to keep them up to date as your stage of life and your family circumstances change. Through our associates at Life Point Law, we’ve heard more horror stories than we can count … Read more

When You’re Drafting a Will and Making Other End-of-Life Plans, Remember These Five Keys to Basic Estate Planning

The statistic may be a year old or so, but we doubt if things have changed that much since last April. According to reports from CNBC and elsewhere, only about one-third of Americans have written estate planning documents in place. The biggest reason for failing to put even a basic plan into effect? Resp0ndents say … Read more

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