There comes a time when a family needs the services of an attorney who knows elder law and estate planning. The the quality of service that was provided by Aging Options was outstanding. Our need was complicated and stressful. We appreciate the skill and dedication shown by all the staff especially Mr. Nagaich. My wife and I especially appreciated the element of caring and understanding. John Ausnes

A few years back when it looked like my mom might need to go into a nursing home, a person at a facility we were looking at told us about Aging Options. At that point in time Mom got a little better and was able to stay at home but over the next 3 years as my Dad was nearly killing himself taking care of her it became clear that a nursing home was the only option. So we met with Aging Options discussed our needs and purchased a Total Elder Care Solution that covered both Mom and Dad for life for a single fee. Rajiv helped us with all the legal work, including wills and powers of attorney. Our care coordinator, Antoinnette Williams, helped us with the qualification process for DSHS and was instrumental in finding a high quality nursing home. Antoinnette was extremely knowledgeable about all the long-term care options in the area and found a really good nursing home close to Dad’s house. Dad and I were both very pleased with the facility Mom was in. It was the best. Antoinnette handled absolutely everything for us. She took care of the application, helped us resolve billing problems and even went with us to care conferences with nursing home staff. Dad and I are both very happy and at peace with the way Mom spent the last six months of her life. Though Mom has since passed, we’re still very grateful to Aging Options for all the help they gave us through the entire process including help with the death certificate requirements for various agencies. — Mike Phillips, Bonney Lake, Washington

After about two years of taking care of my grandma after an auto accident, her condition worsened and she needed to go into a nursing home. Fortunately, before she was admitted, I discovered that Aging Options had already done some legal work for her. I got them involved and I’m so glad I did. The state would have taken everything if it hadn’t been for them. Everyone at Again Options was great to work with. They saved us a ton of worry, heartache and legwork. I’ll get a Life Care Plan for myself when it’s time.” –Mike Phillips, Bonney Lake, Washington

Our mom lived in central Washington and was showing signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia disease. My wife and brothers and I decided to move her to Woodmark, an assisted living facility close to our home that offers several levels of care. As Mom’s condition deteriorated, we had to move her to a more secure part of the facility and a staff member suggested we contact Again Options. We’re very glad we did. Getting the Life Care Plan was time and money well spent. Rajiv and Antoinnette both made a great first impression when we met them. Though we could see that Rajiv knew exactly what needed to be done, his compassion is what really impressed us. We knew that he had been in our shoes. Rajiv and his staff prepared all the legal documentation and footwork to qualify Mom for Medicaid. It would have been a full-time job for us to figure out what needed to be done. Rajiv and crew made it happen. After Mom had a stroke, she needed even more care so we transitioned her to Life Care Centers of America in Federal Way, WA, where she lives today. Antoinette Williams, Mom’s care coordinator, visits once or twice a week to spend time with her. While she’s there, she reviews Mom’s chart and makes sure the nursing home is doing everything they’re supposed to be doing. We appreciate everything Aging Options has done for us. I recommend them to everyone I see.” —Phillip Berg, Federal Way

It was an absolute outstanding experience! Everyone was friendly, helpful, down-to-earth, and professional without being “stuffy.” So we have already recommended you to others including my mother who I’ll be bringing in to see you next week!” — Connie Schofield

The best experience was we were not rushed to make decisions and everything was explained to us. In our lifetime we have seldom contacted a lawyer and possibly are not good judges, but we were completely satisfied.” — Phyllis Gordon

I felt very comfortable with everyone in the office. I wish to do more business and have already passed out your business cards.” — Betty A. Zima

I was treated very well, and was receptive to your friendly smiles. It will be easy for me to recommend Preston and Alisa for the warm atmosphere of your offices and professionalism.” — Margaret Dimick

Everyone was so friendly. I felt more as a friend, than a client. Thanks to all for your help.” — Roy D. Staub

Rajiv was extremely thorough, took his time, exceptionally professional, and answered all of our questions. Thank you all for exceptional service.” — Linda Casey

My wife is in the early stage of Alzheimer’s Disease. Rajiv Nagaich successfully helped my wife and me to maximize protection of our assets when and if nursing home and similar costs will be necessary. Bill formerly from Federal Way, Washington, now living in California.

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