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Government Warning: Federal Officials, Nursing Homes Not Doing Enough to Prevent Elder Abuse

Everyone agrees that abuse of any kind perpetrated on vulnerable elderly residents in care facilities is abhorrent  Yet a recent warning issued by the Office of the Inspector General in the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) charges that the process of preventing and reporting elder abuse is woefully inadequate at just about

Seniors with Frail Health Often Improperly Screened, Face Greater Risks

A few months ago, we came across this article on the website called HealthDay It reveals the disturbing fact that many physicians fail to properly screen their senior surgery patients for signs of frail health As a result, these patients and their families face much longer than expected recovery times and must often cope with

Lost in the Health Care Maze? It May Be Time to Bring in an Advocate

“The health care bureaucracy is crippling There are lots of layers to get to the right person So you end up paying bills just because you’ve run out of energy” Those sobering words from a 62-year-old retired teacher in Washington, DC, sum up the dilemma many patients find themselves in as they try to work

Caregivers: Here Are 5 Quick Ways to Care for Yourself

Let’s face it – being a caregiver is one of the toughest jobs many of us will ever do Whether it’s in short bursts or full time, if you’re caring for an aging parent or loved one, there are just some days when you feel spent and exhausted Then sometimes you feel guilty because you’re

Burdens on caregivers are almost never anticipated or planned for

About 40 million people in America care for a family member, neighbor or friend who has limitations in everyday activities We call these people “family caregivers” Most of them juggle work and family caregiving responsibilities, which can seriously affect their physical and emotional health Together, this invisible workforce provides 37 billion hours of care, which

How can a Geriatric Care Manager help my parent as they enter a nursing home?

Q: My parent is about to enter a nursing home How can Better Care Management help me A: For most of us, caring for an aging parent will only happen once or twice in our lives  There’s an expression in the Alzheimer’s community that goes, “if you’ve known one person with Alzheimer’s, you’ve known one

Are there better housing options for my parent with Alzheimer’s?

Dear Better Care Management, My father, who has Alzheimer’s, has been in a locked unit at a skilled nursing facility for a number of years   Initially his paranoia, wandering and aggressive behavior made a locked facility the safest and best option for him  However, in the past year or so he no longer exhibits those

How do I convince my mom that it’s time to move?

Dear Rajiv, My parents are a reasonably healthy 87 and 88 They have been looking into Retirement Communities that offer eventual assisted care/etc My dad is ready to move and not have to take care of a house anymore and have time to enjoy other people and activities My mother says she is ready to

The simple Medicaid application process may not be that simple!

Dear Better Care Management, I just signed my husband up for Medicaid in Dec 2013 not knowing what I was getting into  I was looking for respite care as we don’t have the funds to pay someone to come in  When the case manager came out (to our home) I was honest with her  When
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