BULLETIN: Senate Health Care Proposal Means Big Medicaid Cuts

By now just about everyone has heard at least some of the details of the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act – the law that Republicans have been crafting in order to fulfill an eight-year-old promise to their voters to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare After the

5 Warning Signs Your Financial Advisor Might Not Be On Your Side

Here at AgingOptions we frequently get asked the question, “Who is the best financial advisor for me” What people really seem to be asking is, “Where can I get advice I can trust, without falling prey to someone’s hidden agenda” In these days of market turbulence and increasing fiscal confusion, people are desperate for good,

At What Age Do We Become “Old”? 4 Generations, 4 Different Answers

We’ve all heard the expression “You’re as old as you feel” We’ve also heard people say that “Age is just a number,” and “70 is the new 50” (something aging boomers tell themselves on a regular basis) But that does raise an interesting question: at what age are we officially “old” We ran across this

Too Many Seniors Leaving the Hospital are Refusing this Vital Service

One would think that a vulnerable senior adult being discharged from the hospital to recover at home from illness or surgery would welcome the offer of in-home medical help Many do – but a surprisingly high number refuse the help they need, putting themselves at far greater danger of ending up right back in the

You’re on Medicare, but Spouse is Too Young. What are Your Options?

A few weeks ago we read this piece on the Huffington Post: a letter written to retirement expert Jim Miller by a man about to retire “When I retire in a few months at 65 and go on Medicare,” this man wrote, “what are my wife’s (insurance) options” (His wife is 62 and still on

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