Are You Ready to Retire? This Checklist May Provide Some Answers

If you’re like most people over 50, you’ve probably been thinking about retirement for years When will I retire Will I be able to afford it How will I know when the time is right And what will “retirement” look like and feel like At AgingOptions, helping people answer questions like these – and, most

Workers Continue to Neglect Contributions to 401(k) Accounts

It’s hardly big news anymore to report that American workers aren’t doing a very good job of saving for retirement But just how big a problem this represents hasn’t been carefully studied, until a new analysis done earlier in 2017 which showed that the problem of “401(k) neglect” is even worse than previously thought That’s

Estate Tax Valuation Rules Proposed Last Year Seem Ripe for Repeal

The firestorm broke just one year ago In the final months of the outgoing Obama Administration, Treasury Department officials proposed new rules that would have drastically affected the process of transferring a family business to heirs on the death of the business owner The proposed rules would have significantly increased the estate tax burden on

Hoping for a Phased Retirement? You May Not Have the Option

As today’s baby boomers enter their retirement years, a large number say they are hoping and planning for a “phased retirement” Gone are the days when an employee hung up their tool belt or put aside the briefcase on their 65th or 66th birthday and simply called it quits These days the plan for millions

Are the Feds Reducing Reverse Mortgage Spousal Protection?

If you pass away with a reverse mortgage in place, is your spouse protected – even if he or she never signed the original loan documents There was a time, until about two years ago, when the answer to that question was unclear, and reverse mortgages could sometimes leave surviving spouses in a tough bind,

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