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07-22-17 Aging Options (Hr 1)

1st Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 2

07-22-17 Aging Options (Hr 2)

2nd Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 2

Social Security COLA for 2018 is a “Good News, Bad News” Mix

First, let’s consider the good news about a Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2018: it looks like there’s going to be one, and it could be the most generous in years But the bad news is it may not amount to much in actual purchasing power for the typical senior That’s the

What Worries You? Survey Shows Common Age-Related Concerns

Here at AgingOptions we’re always advising people to remember as they plan for retirement that feelings matter In other words, it’s all well and good to make careful plans for your retirement future, but you need to take your emotions into account as well, because how you feel about retirement and what you worry about

NY Times: Future of Medicaid and of LTC Insurance Closely Linked

Watching the battle over health care legislation in Washington, DC is like watching a high-stakes ping pong match First one side and then the other has the edge in votes, with the future of every American’s health care hanging in the balance As of this writing it seems that the most recent Republican plan to

Concierge Medicine: the Wave of the Future, or Back to the Past?

It always amazes us here at AgingOptions to run across people who spend countless hours (and hefty fees) to create carefully-crafted financial plans, yet overlook caring for the most important asset of all: themselves  For that reason we were drawn to this very recent article on the website Investopedia  Written by financial planner Robert Dalie,

07-15-17 Aging Options (Hr 1)

1st Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 2

07-15-17 Aging Options (Hr 2)

2nd Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 2

Reverse Mortgages Could Help Reduce Rate of Senior Bankruptcy

Financial experts who track such things report that there’s good news on the bankruptcy front: the rate of bankruptcy filings in the US is on the decline However, there are a still close to one million people filing each year, and a significant number of them are over age 65 Could it be that a

The Fraud Never Ends – Here’s 2017’s Top 10 List of Worst Scams

There are some “Top Ten” lists nobody wants to make, and here’s a good example, from the website of the Mic Network (wwwmiccom) It’s the Top Ten list of the worst scams of 2017, and it reflects the creative skill of thieves out there who are always looking for new and better ways to separate

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