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10-21-17 Aging Options (Hr 2)

2nd Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 2

Keeping Nursing Home Stays Short is in Everyone’s Best Interests

You’re 65 years old or older You have to go to the hospital for a few days Where will you go after you’re discharged Most of us would answer, “Home, of course” But the fact is that 20 percent of seniors who are hospitalized end up being discharged to a nursing home That’s what we

It’s Time for Doctors to Stop Treating All Seniors the Same

If you’ve listened to our AgingOptions radio program or attended any of our LifePlanning Seminars, you’ve heard us sing the praises of geriatricians – those physicians specially trained to understand and deal appropriately with the unique and varied health care needs of seniors It has been our experience that only someone with proper training knows

When Should You Worry about a Loved One’s Memory Loss?

How much of memory loss is “a normal part of aging,” and how much should be cause for concern That’s a question we hear frequently at AgingOptions and it’s one you have probably asked yourself if you have walked the journey of aging alongside a parent, spouse or other loved one Because dementia is such

Veterans, Beware: Scam Artists are Targeting Your Pension Benefits

Veterans Day is still some weeks away, but we felt it was timely to remind all our Blog readers and radio listeners – and especially you veterans who have served your country so faithfully – that there are unscrupulous and shameless scam artists out there trying to defraud you from your savings, your security, even

10-14-17 Aging Options (Hr 1)

1st Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 1

10-14-17 Aging Options (Hr 2)

2nd Hour-KTTH & KIRO Download Part 2

It’s Time for Medicare Open Enrollment – and some Objective Advice

Ah, October: the weather is cooler, the nights are longer, the leaves are turning color, and it’s Medicare Open Enrollment Time (That may explain why you see so many older adults walking around with perplexed expressions on their faces at this time of year) Medicare Open Enrollment for the 2018 calendar year begins October 15

Who Should Get an HECM? Solid Answers to Common Questions

With all the articles we’ve read and conversations we’ve heard here at AgingOptions about the Home Equity Conversion Loan, or HECM – commonly called the reverse mortgage – the question millions of older homeowners are still asking themselves is simple: “Is a reverse mortgage right for me” We can’t count the number of times we’ve

Saving for College Instead of Retirement? Time to Re-Think Priorities

Do you think saving for your children’s college education takes precedence over saving for your own retirement If you do, you’re not alone – but you may be making a major mistake, with a big price to pay down the line when you do eventually retire That’s the conclusion from this very recent article that

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