AgingOptions Life Plan: Health

For many people, an accident or diagnosis are what triggers consideration of a long term health and life plan.

For others, who are more proactive, steps for disease prevention coincide with their housing, financial and legal plans.

In either case, wise counsel from geriatric doctors, therapists, care managers and nutritionists can be big game changers in outcomes and longevity. Browse some of our articles and discussions below relating to health and your over-all life plan.

Defying Stereotypes: Today 40 Percent of U.S. Caregivers are Men

You’ve read the articles and heard the discussions about how difficult it is these days for family caregivers – those spouses and adult children who are responsible for the daily care of a loved one in declining physical or mental health. Most of those discussions seem to assume that most caregivers are wives and daughters. […]

Looking to Maximize Medicare Benefits? Here are Five Ways to Do It

It’s no secret that healthcare costs in America are on the rise – so much so that the price tag for health-related expenses now makes up 17 percent of the entire U.S. gross domestic product. With so much money on the line, managing our own healthcare expense is critical, especially for the 58 million Americans […]

Study Reveals Best Combination of Diet and Exercise for Obese Seniors

If someone you love is a senior with a weight problem, your loved one is facing a dilemma – and it’s probably making your role as a caregiver more difficult. Your loved one needs to lose weight, but dieting can have the adverse effect of making them even more frail. But now there’s a new […]

If You’re Confused About How to Eat Healthy, You’re Not Alone

Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking down the supermarket aisle and you pick up a product labeled “Healthy.” But as you read the list of ingredients, something doesn’t quite add up. Or you’ve done some reading about healthy eating and you decide on a food regimen that seems right for you, only to […]

Another Benefit of Volunteering: It Can Reduce Risk of Dementia

There is a long list of benefits to being a volunteer as we age. Volunteers stay more active. They derive great satisfaction from giving back to the organizations they care about.  Volunteers generally report having a deeper sense of purpose in life. And now here’s another reason you may have never expected: regular volunteering can […]

Observing Memorial Day by Honoring and Helping Our Service Members

By Kirk Larson, Social Security Washington State Public Affairs Specialist On Memorial Day, we honor the soldiers and service members who have given their lives for our nation. Social Security respects the heroism and courage of our military service members, and we remember those who have given their lives in defense of freedom. Part of […]

Two Words that Equal Better Health for Body and Brain: “Get Moving!”

It sounds so simple, we keep thinking there must be a catch – but news report after news report, research study after research study always seems to say the same thing. The simplest, safest and most effective way to improve both the body and the brain can be boiled down into two words: get moving. […]

It’s the Illness We Fear the Most – and in Many Ways Understand the Least

What is the one illness we tend to be most afraid of – the one we fear more than cancer, stroke or heart disease? The answer probably does not come as a surprise: it’s Alzheimer’s disease. But this fascinating article we recently discovered on the website of Kaiser Health News sheds new light on this […]

Study Links Diet Soda to Higher Risk of Strokes and Dementia

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve read over the past decade or more that sugar-laden soft drinks and other sugary juices are bad for your health. So over the years you’ve made the switch to diet soda, because it’s the healthier choice, right? Guess again. Diet soft drinks have been connected with a wide […]

The Best Way for Seniors to Prevent Dangerous Falls? Get Stronger!

Here’s a startling statistic: more than 800 Americans break a hip every single day. Most of those are seniors, and the overwhelming majority of those injuries – which can prove devastating, even life-threatening – are caused by falling down. For many years doctors have concentrated chiefly on treating the after-effects of falls. But now a […]
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