AgingOptions Life Plan: Health

For many people, an accident or diagnosis are what triggers consideration of a long term health and life plan.

For others, who are more proactive, steps for disease prevention coincide with their housing, financial and legal plans.

In either case, wise counsel from geriatric doctors, therapists, care managers and nutritionists can be big game changers in outcomes and longevity. Browse some of our articles and discussions below relating to health and your over-all life plan.

The RAISE Act: Bipartisan Legislation will Aid Family Caregivers

Last week on our AgingOptions blog we posted this article describing how serving as a family caregiver while holding down a regular job is “a recipe for stress” But now we’re pleased – and a bit surprised – to be able to report some good news on the caregiving front: the successful passage of bi-partisan

Getting Your Flu Shot Over Multiple Years Brings Unexpected Benefits

The news stories seem to come every year at about this time The flu season is in full swing, but once again, say the headlines, the officials in charge of our national health care have made the wrong guess about the particular strain of the flu virus that is most prevalent One article that appeared

Hidden Financial Deals Cause Nursing Home Care to Suffer

It’s every family’s worst nightmare You place a loved one in a nursing home, trusting that the facility you’ve chosen will provide the kind of quality care they need But after a few months, you realize that, instead of providing excellent care, the nursing home is plagued with neglect, chronically understaffed, and filled with residents

Good Health: Not Just Treating Illness, but Taking Steps to Prevent It

When it comes to health care, most of us tend to focus on what happens to us when we’re sick Is the doctor’s visit covered What about hospitalization Does my prescription drug benefit cover the new pills my doctor is prescribing These are important questions, it’s true – but good health means far more than

Caring for Elders While Holding a Job: the Prescription for Stress

Some months ago we read a report on the blog of the AARP that revealed a problem too often overlooked, but one that will sound familiar to a significant number of Americans The problem is the growing number of people, estimated at nearly 24 million workers, who are holding down paying jobs while at the

Peak, Trough, Rebound: the Best Time of Day to Get Things Done

Is there anyone out there who wants to be happier, healthier and more productive in the New Year We suspect the unanimous response is, “Of course” Well, apparently the secret is all in the timing – or at least that’s the conclusion from this fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal   Written by author and

What’s the Happiest Stage of Life? The Answer Will Surprise You

Here at AgingOptions we’re not only committed to helping people plan for retirement, but we’re also determined to help change some of the negative perceptions many people cling to about getting older Now we’ve run across three related articles that shed new light on aging by describing the time in life when we tend to

It’s Not About the Money: Top Tips for a Happy Retirement Lifestyle

Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments is a nationally known financial expert, author of almost a dozen books about money, and one of the top 200 wealthiest people in America So when Fisher comes out with what he calls his favorite tips for retirees, you might expect them to be all about finances, right Well, you

Making New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s Our AgingOptions List for 2018

A year ago we shared what we called “Five Resolutions for 2017” Because the New Year is about to begin, we felt it was time to update and re-issue this list as a challenge to our radio listeners, seminar guests and AgingOptions clients Why not make this year, 2018, a breakthrough year – the year

Bullying in Assisted Living: How to Deal with a Growing Epidemic

Imagine this scenario After years of watching your aging parent grow increasingly frail, you and your family, with your loved one’s assent, decide it’s time to move to assisted living You search out facilities in your community and find the one that seems ideal Your parent moves in, but instead of thriving he or she
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