AgingOptions Life Plan: Health

For many people, an accident or diagnosis are what triggers consideration of a long term health and life plan.

For others, who are more proactive, steps for disease prevention coincide with their housing, financial and legal plans.

In either case, wise counsel from geriatric doctors, therapists, care managers and nutritionists can be big game changers in outcomes and longevity. Browse some of our articles and discussions below relating to health and your over-all life plan.

What Worries You? Survey Shows Common Age-Related Concerns

Here at AgingOptions we’re always advising people to remember as they plan for retirement that feelings matter In other words, it’s all well and good to make careful plans for your retirement future, but you need to take your emotions into account as well, because how you feel about retirement and what you worry about

NY Times: Future of Medicaid and of LTC Insurance Closely Linked

Watching the battle over health care legislation in Washington, DC is like watching a high-stakes ping pong match First one side and then the other has the edge in votes, with the future of every American’s health care hanging in the balance As of this writing it seems that the most recent Republican plan to

Concierge Medicine: the Wave of the Future, or Back to the Past?

It always amazes us here at AgingOptions to run across people who spend countless hours (and hefty fees) to create carefully-crafted financial plans, yet overlook caring for the most important asset of all: themselves  For that reason we were drawn to this very recent article on the website Investopedia  Written by financial planner Robert Dalie,

NYTimes: Most Arthroscopic Knee Surgery “Complete Waste of Money”

If you’re like most adults, knee pain is a common occurrence Almost everyone has knee pain occasionally, and one article from a few years ago suggested that about one-quarter of adults experience knee discomfort much of the time (a figure that doubles for those with arthritis) Even though the incidence of knee replacement surgery has

Experts Predict Big Changes in Aging and Retirement in Coming Years

At AgingOptions, we focus a great deal of attention every day on the multi-faceted field of retirement It’s a fascinating topic with an infinite number of variables, always changing and evolving That’s why this article from a website called New Retirement was of particular interest to us – and we think, especially if you’re a

Survey Shows Most Americans “Clueless” About Retirement Finances

If you were to ask most Americans how important it is to have a solid understanding of financial issues affecting retirement, the majority would agree that it’s extremely important, even essential Saving money and spending it wisely is one of the keys to enjoying retirement with enough money to live the way we want to

Can Diet Reduce Odds of Dementia? Studies Give Optimistic Answers

We continually hear plenty of bad news about Alzheimer’s disease It’s the illness people seem to fear the most as they grow older, presently afflicting at least 55 million Americans, almost all age 65 and above The Alzheimer’s Association warns that, barring some medical breakthrough, the number of adults with Alzheimer’s will likely soar to

Hoping to Age in Place? Technology Could Help Make it Possible

What’s one thing 9 out of 10 seniors say they want to do The answer is, they want to grow older in their own homes – to age in place Some call it “non-assisted living” and some call it “living independently,” but the simple bottom line is that people almost all say they don’t want

Warning: Even Mild Cognitive Impairment Makes Driving Dangerous

Summertime means road trips for many American families  With the Independence Day holiday just passed, the news has been filled with stories about more and more people taking to the highways, thanks in part to gas prices (adjusted for inflation) at near record lows With that in mind, now that “driving season” is in full

If You’re Over 50, These New Exercise Rules Apply to You

Maybe you’re in your 50s or 60s (or beyond) and you’ve decided it’s time to get serious about exercise Or maybe you’ve always been active but now that you’re getting older you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to start doing your workouts differently No matter where you are on the spectrum between “couch potato”
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