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Ensuring that one’s wishes and directives are clear and carried out demands so much more than just getting some legal documents drawn up. The

facilitation that an elder law attorney provides families in anticipating and planning around potential scenarios makes all the difference in not becoming a burden while

preserving family harmony.

Read our selection of blog posts and articles below regarding legal issues you should consider.

What Truly Matters: Passing Along Your Beliefs, Values and Wisdom to Those You Love

“Does your estate plan have a gaping hole Forget your wealth and possessions: Your beliefs, values and wisdom could be the most treasured assets you pass down to the ones you love” That’s the challenging premise behind this article that was published recently on the Kiplinger financial website Written by legacy planner Laura Roser, the

Families Dealing with Dementia Need to Understand the Perils Ahead

If you are part of a family dealing with dementia, you know what a bewildering and painful journey it can often be Part of the great and unanticipated tragedy of dementia is the emotional and relational damage it can wreak, not just on the one with the illness, but on loved ones as well  In

Caregivers who Handle a Loved One’s Finances Face Higher Stress

An article just published on the aging-related website NextAvenue should be a must-read for anyone who is caring for an aging loved one or family member It’s called “Caregiving’s Taboo Subject: Coordinating the Finances” The story, written by NextAvenue’s Money and Work Editor Richard Eisenberg, reveals some surprising findings about how many caregivers are responsible

Some Surprising Things Millennials Want to Hear from Boomer Parents

Here at AgingOptions, one of the hallmarks of our LifePlanning process involves clear, complete family communication Over the years we have dealt with many difficult situations in which Mom and Dad never sat down with their adult kids to go over their retirement plan and explain their wishes and preferences as they age This lack

Death of Tom Petty Reminds Us of the Need to Plan for our Later Years

It has been about a month since rock and roll legend Tom Petty died suddenly of apparent cardiac arrest To us here at AgingOptions, it seems like any time a celebrity passes away, the topic of end of life planning comes up once again While there’s much we don’t know about the handling of Petty’s

Outrageous! New Report Sheds Light on Elder Abuse by Guardians

Could you as a senior suddenly find yourself removed from your home, forced into institutional care, and placed under the complete control of a stranger In some instances, the shocking answer is yes – such an unthinkable outcome could actually happen A pair of very recent articles has shed important light on the shameful reality

Can Your Estate be Divided Unequally and Still be “Fair”?

Here at AgingOptions we have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in the area of estate planning It’s interesting how frequently we’ll be in the middle of a discussion concerning how a client wants to dispose of his or her assets after death, only to have the client look us in

Reverse Mortgage Changes May Mean The Time to Apply is Now!

In a move that caught mortgage experts off guard, the federal government has just come out with proposed changes to the regulations governing reverse mortgages – changes that one lender called “huge” and “very significant” Since the announcement of the rule changes came to light, there has been a spate of news articles – such

Estate Tax Valuation Rules Proposed Last Year Seem Ripe for Repeal

The firestorm broke just one year ago In the final months of the outgoing Obama Administration, Treasury Department officials proposed new rules that would have drastically affected the process of transferring a family business to heirs on the death of the business owner The proposed rules would have significantly increased the estate tax burden on

CNBC: When Siblings Fight over Money, it Usually Involves the Parents

The headline on the recent CNBC story sounds optimistic: “Sibling money fights are rare,” it says But then there’s this kicker: “but there’s a common cause: parents” In other words, when siblings quarrel over finances, Mom and Dad are usually at the center of the battle You’ll find the CNBC article by clicking on this
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