AgingOptions Life Plan: Legal

Ensuring that one’s wishes and directives are clear and carried out demands so much more than just getting some legal documents drawn up. The

facilitation that an elder law attorney provides families in anticipating and planning around potential scenarios makes all the difference in not becoming a burden while

preserving family harmony.

Read our selection of blog posts and articles below regarding legal issues you should consider.

Wall Street Journal Says Get Ready! Congress is Coming After Your 401(k)

The members of Congress enjoy one of the best retirement plans in America. But that doesn’t stop them from coming after yours! So says this recent article from the pages of the Wall Street Journal. Writing in the Journal, financial columnist Jason Zweig warns that, as part of its tax reform deliberations, Congressional negotiators have […]

If You Die in Debt, Will Your Heirs Have to Pay Up? Probably.

Several months ago we discovered this insightful article on the website US News. It answered a question we have heard frequently in our client meetings, on our call-in radio programs and at our seminars: “If I die with debts, will my heirs have to pay them off?” Because this question (and the worry behind it) […]

Caring for Elders While Holding a Job: the Prescription for Stress

Some months ago we read a report on the blog of the AARP that revealed a problem too often overlooked, but one that will sound familiar to a significant number of Americans. The problem is the growing number of people, estimated at nearly 24 million workers, who are holding down paying jobs while at the […]

There’s a “Family Disconnect” When It Comes to Discussing the Future

Have you and your adult children had a frank and detailed conversation about your estate and your wishes for the future? Do they know about your will and about your desire for leaving a legacy? If we were to ask those questions to an average group of parents, according to this insightful article just published […]

UPDATE: Death of Superstar Prince Means Windfall for the IRS

Last May we wrote about the death of rock superstar Prince. At the time we pointed out that whenever a celebrity dies, there’s always a ripple effect. The death of Casey Kasem prompted increased interest in issues of health care directives, guardianship and end of life planning. The death of Michael Jackson shed new light […]

Solve Family Caregiving Squabbles with the Power of Mediation

Some months back we found a valuable article on the website Senior Care Advice that helped shed new light on a familiar but often overlooked topic: family mediation. Even though the article came out last spring, the subject is always a timely one, and we encourage you to click here to read this thought-provoking piece.  […]

New Ruling Restores Residents’ Rights to Sue Nursing Homes

A little over a year after it was first proposed, a new federal regulation will soon go into effect to allow residents and their families to sue nursing home operators in cases of neglect, abuse and criminal behavior. The regulation, which affects any nursing home that receives federal funds, does away with a common industry […]

In Retirement Planning, the Only Dumb Question is the One Not Asked

One of those adages that tend to be true is that men will typically refuse to stop and ask for directions. (Someone once explained that that’s the reason why the Israelites wandered for 40 years in the wilderness!) Generally, it seems, men would rather meander aimlessly down the wrong road than to pull into a […]

Part of Your Financial Plan: Remember to Update Your Beneficiaries!

Here’s a question: if you’ve made it clear in your will which one of your heirs should inherit money from your estate, how it is possible those funds will end up going to someone else? The answer is simple: if you’ve forgotten to update the beneficiary information on a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or […]

When Helping Your Aging Parent, Protect Your Own Retirement Assets

Caring for an aging parent is a task more and more people are facing this days. A Pew Research study shows that over 40 million Americans provide care to someone over 65. The emotional and financial burden of being a caregiver for an aging parent can definitely come as a shock, sometimes resulting in the […]
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