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Ensuring that one’s wishes and directives are clear and carried out demands so much more than just getting some legal documents drawn up. The

facilitation that an elder law attorney provides families in anticipating and planning around potential scenarios makes all the difference in not becoming a burden while

preserving family harmony.

Read our selection of blog posts and articles below regarding legal issues you should consider.

Reverse Mortgage Changes May Mean The Time to Apply is Now!

In a move that caught mortgage experts off guard, the federal government has just come out with proposed changes to the regulations governing reverse mortgages – changes that one lender called “huge” and “very significant” Since the announcement of the rule changes came to light, there has been a spate of news articles – such

Estate Tax Valuation Rules Proposed Last Year Seem Ripe for Repeal

The firestorm broke just one year ago In the final months of the outgoing Obama Administration, Treasury Department officials proposed new rules that would have drastically affected the process of transferring a family business to heirs on the death of the business owner The proposed rules would have significantly increased the estate tax burden on

CNBC: When Siblings Fight over Money, it Usually Involves the Parents

The headline on the recent CNBC story sounds optimistic: “Sibling money fights are rare,” it says But then there’s this kicker: “but there’s a common cause: parents” In other words, when siblings quarrel over finances, Mom and Dad are usually at the center of the battle You’ll find the CNBC article by clicking on this

BULLETIN: Senate Health Care Proposal Means Big Medicaid Cuts

By now just about everyone has heard at least some of the details of the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act – the law that Republicans have been crafting in order to fulfill an eight-year-old promise to their voters to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare After the

High Profile Legal Battle Reveals Growing Crisis in Estate Planning

Here’s an update on a story we brought you just one year ago It’s another sad example of how even those with vast personal wealth sometimes fail to plan carefully for their declining years No matter how rich and powerful they are, the result of this planning failure is often a disaster, with vicious courtroom

CMS Shifts Gears: Nursing Homes Can Still Require Binding Arbitration

One of the final elder care policy moves of the Obama Administration will not be implemented after all, thanks to a ruling just announced by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (also called CMS) The new regulation means that nursing homes can continue requiring residents to sign binding arbitration agreements as a condition of

The Critical Conversation No One Wants, but Everyone Needs

If you’ve listened to our AgingOptions radio programs or attended our AgingOptions events, you know the great emphasis we place on family communication when it comes to retirement So many problems can be avoided in retirement if aging parents and their adult children can get on the same page about planning for the future! Yet

Financial Abuse of Elders Growing More Common, More Costly

Elder financial abuse is even more widespread and more costly than experts had believed – and the incidence of abuse appears to be rising fast That’s the conclusion from a surprising and disturbing study we read about late last year on the financial website of Time magazine You can click here to read this important

Wall Street Journal Says Get Ready! Congress is Coming After Your 401(k)

The members of Congress enjoy one of the best retirement plans in America But that doesn’t stop them from coming after yours! So says this recent article from the pages of the Wall Street Journal Writing in the Journal, financial columnist Jason Zweig warns that, as part of its tax reform deliberations, Congressional negotiators have

If You Die in Debt, Will Your Heirs Have to Pay Up? Probably.

Several months ago we discovered this insightful article on the website US News It answered a question we have heard frequently in our client meetings, on our call-in radio programs and at our seminars: “If I die with debts, will my heirs have to pay them off” Because this question (and the worry behind it)
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