Strong community ties start with multiple generations being engaged

By the time you’ve worked three or more decades the idea of retiring sounds pretty good.  But, the question Marc Freedman asks is do you really want to make that leap from going 100 miles an hour every day to a full time life of leisure for now until forever?  Freedman is the CEO andContinue Reading

A third of all nursing home patients harmed by treatment

A study released this week by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that 1 out of every 3 patients who went to a nursing home after a hospital stay was harmed by their treatment. Congress mandated the study to determine the national incidence rate for adverse events inContinue Reading

Loneliness has twice the impact on early death as obesity

Warm beaches, tropical sands, low cost retirement: what’s not to love when it comes to retiring overseas?  And the fact is that for some people, if you find a place that you connect with, you can retire on a Social Security check and feel well off.  (See below for other suggestions about retiring overseas).  However,Continue Reading

It takes a village to combat dementia

  Studies have indicated that socialization can play a significant protective role in the development of Alzheimer’s but along with that we also know that once an individual receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, socialization can help even as the disease progresses. The problem is that dementia is a scary diagnosis. It’s made even scarierContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Finding an affordable CCRC

  Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) offer individuals the ability to continue to remain in one community regardless of health changes.Continue Reading

Study finds that not all AL facilities are created equal

  One alternative to nursing home living is an assisted living facility. These come in all sizes. That statement might seem to be a comment worthy of a “duh” response but the reason that the size of a facility has any bearing is that a new study found that the size of a community determinedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Should You Sign a Nursing Home Admission Agreement?

  Admitting a loved one to a nursing home can be very stressful. In addition to dealing with a sick family member and managing all the details involved with the move, you must decide whether to sign all the papers the nursing home is giving you. Nursing home admission agreements can be complicated and confusing,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Vancouver bans the door knob

  This weekend there was a story on the news about the City of Vancouver in Canada, outlawing the doorknob. Continue Reading

Lack of complete information on arbitration agreement does not make it void

  In a Florida case (FI-Evergreen Woods, LLC v. Robinson, 2013 WL 5493462 ), T.C. Robinson admitted his wife, May Robinson to a nursing home after she fractured her hip.  During the time she was in the nursing home, May Robinson alleged that she suffered a second fractured hip and other medical complications due toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Where you live matters

  The United States covers a very large area so it’s mostly impossible to make all-encompassing statements.  For instance, the average American lives to 77.6 years and overall ranks 33 in the world for longevity but where you live matters because there is a deep disparity between parts of the county. Continue Reading