In Today’s Economic Recovery, Older Workers are Still Left Behind

Age discrimination in the job market may be illegal, but it remains prevalent. That’s the unsettling conclusion found in this recent article from the Reuters news service analyzing the plight of older workers in today’s slow-growth economy. The article by Reuters columnist Mark Miller has a stark title: “Older and jobless – the US recovery’s […]

If Retired Parents Need Financial Help, How Should Children Respond?

A recent two-part series of articles in USA Today provided a very honest treatment of a very difficult question: if aging parents need financial help, how should their adult children respond? The answer can affect the relationship between parents and children for the rest of Mom and Dad’s life – not to mention the impact […]

Part of Your Financial Plan: Remember to Update Your Beneficiaries!

Here’s a question: if you’ve made it clear in your will which one of your heirs should inherit money from your estate, how it is possible those funds will end up going to someone else? The answer is simple: if you’ve forgotten to update the beneficiary information on a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or […]

Considering Hip or Knee Replacement? It Pays to Shop Around

The opening line in a very recent article on the popular financial website caught our eye. It read, “Some 50 years ago, fans were rocking to ‘Twist and Shout.’ These days, the same crowd is rolling on over to orthopedic surgeons for hip and knee replacements.” Ouch! We can certainly relate, and we’ll bet […]

It’s Time to Start Exploring the Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage

Medicare open enrollment starts next month, on October 15. If you’re like most new enrollees, you have more questions than answers. That’s why we recommend this timely article from the financial website Kiplinger that sheds important light on the pros and cons of the popular plans called Medicare Advantage. (Before we highlight some of the […]

Will Your Social Security Benefits be Taxable? Odds Are They Will

It’s a question we hear from our clients frequently. As they approach retirement, some seniors have always assumed that their Social Security benefits will be tax-free – but will they be? The answer depends on several factors, but odds are – if you’re approaching the time when you will begin drawing benefits – you will […]

How an Emergency Savings Account Could Protect Your Retirement

Saving for retirement is on the rise. That’s good news. But too many seniors are undercutting their own retirement plans by treating their retirement accounts as an emergency fund. This recent article on the CNBC website points out the dangers in this shortsighted lack of planning.  As the opening sentence of the CNBC article succinctly […]

Estimated Lifetime Healthcare Costs for Today’s Retirees now $260,000

There’s a brand new report just released that contains sobering news for anyone about to retire, and we’ve run across several articles in major news outlets about it. Here’s the bottom line: new estimates state that a 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need a whopping $260,000 to cover their health care costs in retirement. […]