Del and Barbara: Going to the chapel

“The first time I saw her was in a sweetshop across from the school,” says Del.  “My neighbor, buddy and best friend was there and I told him I was going to marry her.”  At the time Del was 17 years old and Barbara was 15 years old.  Del talked a good game but Barbara […]

Helen and Don: A European Romance

Helen and her sister saved money so that they could spend a year in Europe. One of her sisters was training to be a missionary and so they stayed with missionaries and cared for their children while the missionaries were training. The two of them travelled around by train and later bought a car and […]

Searching for true love

Valentine’s Day is a month away so it may seem to be jumping the gun, but recently I’ve read two love stories about finding love later in life.  Here’s one and here’s the other.  Do you have a love story you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear it so we can share it with […]

Future of Aging in America

The biggest retirement gaff is not focusing on the planning needs, rather it is not planning comprehensively. Generally, planning is done in pieces. Financial planning, health planning (or more appropriately, health repair), legal planning and to some extent planning around housing issues. The problem generally is that there is no communication within these various professionals […]

Rising Cost of Living

It’s official: No Social Security Increase in 2011. Officially there is no inflation. So why does your insurance premium, price of gas, price of food and other bills keep going up? Brand name drug prices skyrocketing.  What is the difference between government bureaucracy and corporate bureaucracy? Little. But it costs seniors dearly. Changes in Advantage […]

Seniors for Sale

What a bizarre headline !!! But this is true, this was the headline in the Seattle Times last Sunday exposing the reality of Seniors face today. Here were few more disturbing headlines in the newspaper. "We didn’t know, and i didn’t complain early enough to save her." "Fragile, pushed out and paying a price." I […]


I write to you with grave concerns about DSHS’s request to shirk its responsibility by having HB 3049/SB 6717 being considered by the legislature for adoption. HB 3049/SB 6717 effectively ask the legislature to pass retroactive laws to disallow DSHS clients, who were illegally denied benefits in the first place, the opportunity to collect those […]

Reverse Mortgage Fraud Schemes on the Rise

Available to people 62 and older, reverse mortgages allow homeowners to convert their home equity into cash. Instead of writing a check to the bank each month, the bank pays the homeowner, who can elect to receive a lump sum, a line of credit or monthly payments. The loan is repaid, with interest, when the […]

Multigeneration Living

    The current economic downturn brings to light the obvious – the vulnerability of anyone who has not prepared to weather the financial storm. According to a recent report, Living Longer on Less: The New (In)security of Seniors, produced by The Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP), a research institute at the Heller […]

Forced discharged from Hospital

As an Elder Law Attorney, I experience first hand  the same pain, anguish, struggle and frustration a family goes through while taking care of their loved one. Our health care system is so broken and complicated that it has simply forgotten the notion it was created on. Every one is treated as one fit size all regardless […]