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This “Misunderstood” Financial Tool Could Rescue Your Retirement

There’s a crisis looming in America when it comes to retirement No doubt you’ve read the articles and heard the news stories about this oncoming tidal wave of challenges for retirees, especially aging boomers We’ve written about this issue

Deciding When and Why to Retire: it’s Emotional, not just Financial

Retirement planning is our professional focus here at AgingOptions, and that means we read a great number of articles and studies that flood the internet every week Since the baby boomer generation has begun to retire, the sheer volume of

The RAISE Act: Bipartisan Legislation will Aid Family Caregivers

Last week on our AgingOptions blog we posted this article describing how serving as a family caregiver while holding down a regular job is “a recipe for stress” But now we’re pleased – and a bit surprised – to be able to report some good

Getting Your Flu Shot Over Multiple Years Brings Unexpected Benefits

The news stories seem to come every year at about this time The flu season is in full swing, but once again, say the headlines, the officials in charge of our national health care have made the wrong guess about the particular strain of the flu

Hidden Financial Deals Cause Nursing Home Care to Suffer

It’s every family’s worst nightmare You place a loved one in a nursing home, trusting that the facility you’ve chosen will provide the kind of quality care they need But after a few months, you realize that, instead of providing excellent

Good Health: Not Just Treating Illness, but Taking Steps to Prevent It

When it comes to health care, most of us tend to focus on what happens to us when we’re sick Is the doctor’s visit covered What about hospitalization Does my prescription drug benefit cover the new pills my doctor is prescribing These are

Caring for Elders While Holding a Job: the Prescription for Stress

Some months ago we read a report on the blog of the AARP that revealed a problem too often overlooked, but one that will sound familiar to a significant number of Americans The problem is the growing number of people, estimated at nearly 24 million

Bloomberg: Future of Retirement is Bright, Despite Negative Press

No doubt you’ve read articles in recent years lamenting the demise of the traditional pension system and claiming that the economic outlook for today’s retirees is grim But at least one expert says, “Not so fast!” The future of retirement,

Peak, Trough, Rebound: the Best Time of Day to Get Things Done

Is there anyone out there who wants to be happier, healthier and more productive in the New Year We suspect the unanimous response is, “Of course” Well, apparently the secret is all in the timing – or at least that’s the conclusion from this

Alarming Report: More and More Seniors Burdened by Student Loans

The start of a new year means that it won’t be long before today’s high school seniors start receiving acceptance letters from the colleges and universities to which they’ve applied And along with those welcome letters will come a less welcome