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What Has Four Legs, a Cold Nose, and Helps You Stay Healthier Longer?

Here’s something we doubt that your regular doctor will prescribe for what ails you – but it might not be such a bad idea. If you’re looking for a way to get more exercise, lower your blood pressure and improve your outlook as you age, maybe yo

New Law Addresses Medicare Hospital Admission Controversy, but Questions & Confusion Remain

It’s an all too common scenario: a senior citizen is admitted to the hospital. The patient spends a few days getting tests and care, but when it’s time for discharge he or she is not well enough to go home, so the patient is sent to a rehabilitat

Helpful Questions to Evaluate a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

Moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility is often an emotionally charged experience, for the resident and for the extended family. But sometimes finding the right facility, especially in the midst of all that emotion, makes the transiti

If You Die in Debt, Will Your Heirs Have to Pay Up? Probably.

Several months ago we discovered this insightful article on the website US News. It answered a question we have heard frequently in our client meetings, on our call-in radio programs and at our seminars: “If I die with debts, will my heirs have to

New Website Helps Seniors Plan for Late-in-Life Challenges

We just discovered this very recent article on the website of Kaiser Health News, one that really captured our notice. The article is called “A Playbook for Managing Problems in the Last Chapter of Your Life,” and it calls attention to two themes

Assisted Living Experts Don Hansen, Chad Solvie Join Rajiv on the Air April 1, 2017

The Cascade Park Communities in Tacoma have been serving the residential needs of seniors for more than two decades, and on Saturday April 1, the man most responsible for that success, Don Hansen, joins Rajiv Nagaich the studio. Also appearing live

Ten “Forgotten Expenses” That Retirement Plans Frequently Overlook

Here at AgingOptions we always remind our readers and listeners that there’s much more to retirement than finances. However – we’re the first to admit that preserving one’s assets in retirement is extremely important. So how are you doing in

Eating Disorders among Seniors Often Go Undetected or Misdiagnosed

Your mom is getting older and she’s really starting to lose weight. At first you think it’s merely the side effects of aging, but then you begin to wonder – could something else be going on? The answer could surprise you: Mom may be suffering f

Lewy Body Dementia: Less Common than Alzheimer’s, Still Devastating

Almost everyone who reads the AgingOptions blog or listens to our radio program knows something about Alzheimer’s disease, and many of us have had personal experience with a loved one suffering from it. Experts estimate that nearly five and a half

Frequent Brisk Walks May Help with Effects of Early Alzheimer’s Disease

If someone you love has been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, one of the best things he or she can do may be to get outside for a frequent brisk walk. This is according to this recent article in the New York Times, which we found enc