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Medicaid Coverage of Nursing Home Care: Who Qualifies, Who Doesn’t

On our radio program and in our seminars, one of categories of questions we receive most frequently involves Medicaid.  This social health care program for individuals and families with limited means has been around since 1965, and it’s true that

Dreaming of a Happy Retirement? Read These 10 Surprising Secrets

Here at AgingOptions we’re always searching for good, solid, practical information about retirement, the kind our clients, readers and radio listeners can use. Unfortunately, we run across a lot of bad retirement advice – which makes it so refres

It’s Official: Doctors Admit that Drugs Can’t Fix Most People’s Back Pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If you do, you’re definitely not alone. Medical studies have shown that nearly seven out of eight adults suffer periodically with this painful condition, and for about 23 percent of adults lower back pain is cons

Secret to Weight Loss: Try These 10 Simple Tips and Stick With It!

So the New Year, 2017, isn’t so “new” anymore, is it? February is more than half gone already – and we suspect some of your New Year’s Resolutions have faded away by now as well. But if one of your resolutions was to lose weight, don’t be

Reverse Mortgages Can Be Wonderful – but Beware of Scam Artists

It should come as no surprise to friends of AgingOptions that we’re big fans of reverse mortgages – in the right circumstances. Over the past year or more we’ve noted with interest how a growing number of financial experts have begun singing th

Some Helpful Tips for Daily Life with a Loved One Who Has Dementia

Are you living with loved one who is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia? If you are, then you are suffering, too. Living with a parent or spouse whose mental capacity is deteriorating is one of the most painful, stres

There’s a “Family Disconnect” When It Comes to Discussing the Future

Have you and your adult children had a frank and detailed conversation about your estate and your wishes for the future? Do they know about your will and about your desire for leaving a legacy? If we were to ask those questions to an average group of

Lots of Good Reasons – and some Bad Ones – for a Reverse Mortgage

Here at AgingOptions we’re always researching the subject of retirement planning. It’s a fascinating and complex field, one that seems to change every day. Sadly, however, one thing that does not change is the prevalence of bad advice, and one ar

Expecting to Spend Less in Retirement? You Might be Surprised

Most seniors are convinced that, once they retire, their spending will almost certainly go down, not up. But what if that assumption is wrong? This article recently published on the website Motley Fool is important for just about anyone who is beginn

Study Shows Seniors Face Health Decline When They Stop Driving

Among the “hot button” issues that create conflicts between seniors and their family members, one of the hottest can involve driving. Older adults generally want to keep on driving as long as they can, enjoying the benefits of freedom and mobilit