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Kiplinger Endorses Reverse Mortgages, Warns of New Fees and Regs

In back to back articles on the authoritative Kiplinger financial website, the highly regarded financial source recently came out with a piece strongly endorsing the power of the reverse mortgage to help retirees better afford retirement – then

Assisted Living May Be Ideal for Many Seniors, but Families Have Got to do Their Homework

If you subscribe to the authoritative magazine Consumer Reports, you were probably intrigued just as we were by the October 2017 issue The cover showed the hand of a frail senior being tenderly held by a much younger hand, beneath the headline,

Some Big Reasons NOT to Claim Social Security Benefits at Age 62

We recently ran across this article about Social Security on the MSN website It was reprinted from the financial site Motley Fool, and in the “Fool’s” typically irreverent style the provocative title caught our eye: “When Claiming Social

Hey, Boomers: Your Millennial Kids Don’t Want your Precious Heirlooms

We had to chuckle as we re-read this article that was published in USA Today  last fall It was titled, “Boomers often rebuffed when passing down heirlooms,” and it describes – in humorous but accurate terms – the emotional disconnect

Government Warning: Federal Officials, Nursing Homes Not Doing Enough to Prevent Elder Abuse

Everyone agrees that abuse of any kind perpetrated on vulnerable elderly residents in care facilities is abhorrent  Yet a recent warning issued by the Office of the Inspector General in the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

A Family Caregiver Contract Can Prevent Conflict, but Getting it Right May Require Professional Guidance

If you’re searching for the best person to provide in-home care for an aging loved one, you may have a family member in mind – a sibling, adult grandchild, or other relative who you can trust to provide the kind of care your loved one deserves

Reverse Mortgage Changes May Mean The Time to Apply is Now!

In a move that caught mortgage experts off guard, the federal government has just come out with proposed changes to the regulations governing reverse mortgages – changes that one lender called “huge” and “very significant” Since the

Studies Appear to Link Disrupted Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease

Could it be that losing sleep might add to your risk of developing dementia Or are patterns of sleep interruption not actually a cause, but an early indicator of future cognitive impairment Either way, two recently reduced studies are adding to the

Who Bears Most of the Costs Associated with Dementia? Families Do.

A great number of articles have been written in recent months about the increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in the US Today there are more than 5 million Americans, nearly all seniors, suffering with the disease, a group whose care this

Nearing Retirement? Six Financial Moves You Still Need to Make

This week we ran across this article on the Yahoo Finance website, written by Jeff Rose of Creditcom We have to admit, we were a bit suspicious of the title: “Ignoring These 6 Financial Moves Could Ruin Your Retirement”  In our experience,