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Kiplinger: the Four Keys to a Happy and Prosperous Retirement

Here at AgingOptions we’re always just a little bit skeptical when we see an article with a title like “4 Keys to a Happy and Prosperous Retirement” Still, this article with that very title just appeared on the authoritative financial website

Looking for an Alternative Lifestyle in Retirement? Consider Co-Housing

People often say that the baby boomers like to put their generational stamp on things Well, it appears that now they’re doing to the field of senior housing The “advance wave” of this huge group of men and women is now a few years into their

Program Provides Long-Term Support to Vets – but Most Never Apply

Veterans Day 2017 may have come and gone, but the need to provide better information to veterans concerning benefits available from the VA never seems to diminish Recently we encountered this troubling article on the aging website NextAvenue –

“Observation Status” – In Spite of New Laws, What You Don’t Know Can Still Cost You!

You have an urgent medical problem, so you go to the hospital, where you remain for several days Your doctor then recommends a short stay in a nursing home for rehabilitation  Because you’re covered by Medicare, you assume those nursing home

A Special Thank You from AgingOptions to All Our Veterans

Veterans Day 2017 marks the 99th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, hostilities with Germany formally ended What we now call Veterans Day was called Armistice Day until

Caregivers who Handle a Loved One’s Finances Face Higher Stress

An article just published on the aging-related website NextAvenue should be a must-read for anyone who is caring for an aging loved one or family member It’s called “Caregiving’s Taboo Subject: Coordinating the Finances” The

Challenging the Stereotypes: Time to Reverse the Image of Aging

Would you like to live an average of 7 ½ years longer than your peers Here’s one way to do it: change the way you think about aging That was one of the hopeful and thought-provoking observations we encountered in this timely article that we

It’s Smart for Senior Retirees to Live Frugally – or Is It?

Retirement is usually portrayed in magazine ads and on television as a carefree time when seniors, freed at long last from the shackles of the 9-to-5 grind, finally get to live it up Those ads picture happy older people (in designer clothes)

Some Surprising Things Millennials Want to Hear from Boomer Parents

Here at AgingOptions, one of the hallmarks of our LifePlanning process involves clear, complete family communication Over the years we have dealt with many difficult situations in which Mom and Dad never sat down with their adult kids to go over

Proposed Law Requires Medicare to Warn of Steep Late Fees

We’re still in open enrollment season for Medicare – it continues through early December 2017 – and maybe you’ve decided, even though you’re 65, that you don’t need to enroll because you’re feeling fine and don’t need health