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Bye-Bye Paper Files is a membership based tool that allows you 24/7 online access to your important files, be it Health, Housing Financial, Legal or any other files that you want to access – from anywhere, at any time.

But it is much more than just a file storage, it is an essential tool for the savvy LifePlanner:

  • Bye-Bye Paper Files allows you to securely review working drafts of your legal documents with AgingOptions, then store the final draft online where both you and AgingOptions can access it at any time.
  • Update and store your documents at any time.
  • Keep Emergency Information current so that emergency personnel, your doctor, family and/or AgingOptions can be alerted immediately if there is a problem.
    • You  can even choose to share some information in a special Emergency Account accessible to medical or emergency staff if something happens to you.
    • It may contain a list of emergency contacts, medications, allergies, medical conditions, special instructions and even link to important files such as Advanced Directives.
  • You can add Important Contactsto your account, and even give them permissions to view (or even edit) some of your files. Why is this cool?
    • It is a great tool for those with children who wish for them to all have access to important documents such as living wills – which could eliminate family disputes over your wishes in the event of an emergency
    • or maybe you will choose to give access over your financial files to your power of attorney
    • or maybe you will store your medical information online and share it with your care-giver
    • or maybe you just want to keep it all confidential. The tools are here for you to choose!
  • You can create new folders for important personal files such as scans of historical family documents or certificates, your pets’ papers and shot records,
  • And you can even give access to manage the account by others (by invitation) such as a parent, spouse, child or caregiver – all from your account

Not only is is Bye-Bye Paper Files a convenient tool, it is essential for those who want to securely prepare for their future in an organized way.

If you are already a Bye-Bye Paper Files member, you can log-in here.

If you are not a member, then please contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of this unique service.


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