Medicare Plan Finder Confusion

New Report Blasts Medicare Plan Finder as “Overwhelming,” “Misleading,” “Nowhere Near Up to Par”

The choices people have to make when signing up for Medicare can be baffling. So in order to help make the decision more clear, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS as it is commonly known, runs a feature on their website called Medicare Plan Finder (you’ll find a link here), designed to…

Caregivers Support

Nation’s 42 Million Caregivers are Finally Getting Greater Support Thanks to New Bipartisan Law

Much has been written – but not enough has been done – about the plight of the nation’s estimated 42 million people, almost all untrained family members, who are serving as primary caregivers for a loved one with chronic health problems. Some of these are caring for children with disabilities, but many more are at…

Woman concerned about retirement

Compared to Men, Women Retire Earlier, Live Longer, Save Less

It may sound offensive to say it, but compared with men, women have a math problem. At least that’s the conclusion we found in this insightful article that appeared recently on the Reuters website. By “math problem” we don’t mean that women aren’t as good at arithmetic or geometry as their male counterparts. Instead the…

Aging Couple planning for Medicare

Medicare Advantage Plans Serve Most Beneficiaries Well – Until Ill Health Strikes

A growing number of seniors hitting that magical age of 65 are facing one of retirement’s first big decisions: whether to opt for Medicare or Medicare Advantage for their health care. And it seems as if the Advantage plans, offered by private insurers instead of the federal government, are winning the battle. Last year about…

Doctor with digital tablet talking to family

Cognitive Impairment Following Surgery Affects Thousands – Yet Few Are Warned Beforehand

If you are about to undergo surgery, the doctors will warn you about possible physical side effects during recovery. They’ll tell you how long it will be before you can resume your daily routine. They’ll advise you about medications and give you a list of precautions. But there’s one thing they may not tell you:…

Barbara Bush’s Death Teaches Lessons about Comfort Care

The issues of comfort care and end of life medical decisions are front and center with the death of Barbara Bush. Earlier this week America lost one of its best-known and most-admired citizens, former First Lady Barbara Bush. She passed away Tuesday April 17th at age 92 in her Houston home, surrounded by family, including her husband George H.W. Bush, our 41st President.