Doctor with digital tablet talking to family

Cognitive Impairment Following Surgery Affects Thousands – Yet Few Are Warned Beforehand

If you are about to undergo surgery, the doctors will warn you about possible physical side effects during recovery. They’ll tell you how long it will be before you can resume your daily routine. They’ll advise you about medications and give you a list of precautions. But there’s one thing they may not tell you:…

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Misunderstood, Often Misdiagnosed: This Type of Dementia Affects 60,000 Adults, Most Aged 45-64

There is a type of dementia that few have heard of. Far less common than Alzheimer’s disease, which affects some 5 million Americans, this type of dementia is found in about 60,000 people nationwide. It’s called frontotemporal degeneration or FTD, and though it’s largely unknown, it’s the most common form of dementia among patients under…

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