One-Third of Knee Replacement Surgeries Leave Patients in Chronic Pain, Says Kaiser Health News Report

Knee-replacement surgery is becoming more and more commonplace. A decade ago, surgeons operated on more than 600,000 people in the U.S. alone, a number that is projected to increase six-fold by 2030. But does the procedure result in the pain-free, active life that marketers suggest? For many the answer appears to be no. Knee Replacement…

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Wall Street Journal Report: Boomers are Entering Retirement Less Prepared than Their Parents

For most of modern American history, it has been axiomatic that each generation would enter old age in better financial shape than their parents. Not anymore. Today’s retiring baby boomers are re-writing history, and not in a good way. The Least-Prepared Retirees in Decades “Americans are reaching retirement age in worse financial shape than the…

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Taking early social security is usually a bad idea.

Is It Best to Delay Social Security Benefits Until Age 70? Rajiv Nagaich of AgingOptions Says That’s the Wrong Question!

Every few weeks, it seems, we encounter a new article or two trying to provide a definitive answer to a familiar question: when is the best age to begin taking Social Security benefits? Two such articles came to our attention recently, articles we found notable because the authors disagree pretty strongly with each other’s recommendations.…

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Retirement Risks Can Be Eliminated

Instead of a “Food Diet” in the New Year, Consider a “Financial Diet” to Boost Retirement Security, Says Kiplinger

The New Year is here, and every year it seems the top New Year’s resolution involves going on a diet. But just as many doctors recommend a “food diet,” some financial planners say people getting ready for retirement need to go on a financial diet, trimming wasteful spending in order to get themselves better prepared…

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“Done Procrastinating” – How the Loss of a Loved One Looks and Feels for Those Left Behind

Here at AgingOptions we like to share articles that tell a familiar tale in an unconventional way. That was our reaction to this touching and poignant article from the Washington Post just last week. At first, we weren’t sure how applicable the message in the column, written by writer Emily Maloney, would be to AgingOptions…

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Yet Another Study Demonstrates the Benefits of Walking to Delay – and Even to Reverse – Cognitive Decline

We’ve written about this topic before – many times – here on the AgingOptions blog, but some recommendations are just too important to ignore. Now another new study has demonstrated once again that something as simple as regular walking can delay, and perhaps even reverse, the onset of cognitive decline leading to dementia. You Can…

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Doctor with digital tablet talking to family

Anticipating Surgery in the New Year? Innovative Hospitals Are Helping Seniors Get in Shape for Better Outcome, Speedier Recovery

It’s a problem that the medical community has known about for years – and it seems they’re finally doing something about it. Next year the American College of Surgeons (ACS) is planning to launch a new, nationwide program designed to help senior patients be better prepared for surgery. The goal is a faster recovery and…

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Reverse Mortgage Update: Falling Home Prices Plus Insufficient Retirement Savings Make This the Time to Act

You’ve heard about it – you’ve read about it – you’ve thought about it. The idea of a reverse mortgage has been on your “retirement radar” for quite a while, but for some reason you’ve delayed taking action. A pair of recent news articles might just change your mind and persuade you that now is…

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