Stan Lee - Marvel Comics

Another Celebrity Legal Battle Heats Up, This Time Involving 95-Year-Old Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee

It seems to happen with depressing regularity: another big-name celebrity is caught up in a bitter squabble with adult children, business managers, and high-priced lawyers over the disposition of their money. The most recent example to hit the headlines is Marvel comics icon Stan Lee, who is reported to be suffering from physical and mental…

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Doctor with digital tablet talking to family

Are Breathing Tubes Being Used Too Frequently on Older Patients? New Study Causes Doctors to Wonder

Your ailing parent is rushed to the hospital. Among other critical symptoms, he or she is having trouble breathing, so the emergency room physicians sedate your loved one and insert a breathing tube. Mechanical breathing keeps respiration going while doctors deal with the other medical challenges. All appears to be well. Last Opportunity to Speak?…

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