“Solo Agers” May Enjoy Living Independently, but Navigating a Retirement Future Without Family Support Requires Planning

As most of us contemplate growing older, we expect to have our spouse and supportive family members alongside us on the journey. As we often say here at AgingOptions, “Aging is a family affair.” However, for millions of seniors, their experience will be quite different: for a variety of reasons these men and women are…

Medicare Plan Finder Confusion

Medicare Advantage Changes Are Driving Increased Enrollment, Posing Challenges for Traditional Medicare

Early last year we wrote that Medicare Advantage plans were about to change, bringing policy-holders a wide range of new services and benefits. (We wrote about it on the Aging Options blog back in April 2018.)  Since then we’ve seen other articles, not to mention an endless stream of glossy marketing materials, touting these new…


Retirees Describe Their Biggest Financial Regrets. Will We Learn from Their Mistakes?

“If I only knew then what I know now!” Many of us have uttered those words time and time again when we consider the choices we should have made decades ago. Nowhere are those “if only” regrets more acute than in the area of finances, especially when it comes to preparing for retirement. If we…