If You’re Facing Divorce, Make Sure Your Rights to Retirement Savings are Protected

We were reading financial columnist Michelle Singletary’s latest column in the Washington Post a few days ago when something in the article really grabbed our attention. It wasn’t the column itself, which was about “401(k) millionaires” – instead it was a reader comment buried far down in the Singletary column that set off warning bells.…

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Reverse Mortgages (HECM) are a way to get money for seniors from a house

Forbes Article Says Reverse Mortgages (HECM) are “Underutilized” – and Deserve a Second Look

Here at AgingOptions we’ve recognized for quite some time the fact that the home equity conversion mortgage – better known as an HECM or reverse mortgage – is a powerful financial tool which can be of great benefit to many qualifying senior homeowners. So we were intrigued when a column that appeared in late March…

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Painting of an Introverted Senior

Introverted Seniors Often Feel Out of Place in Activity-Oriented Retirement Homes

The ads on television, the slick brochures and the finely-targeted websites for today’s retirement homes typically portray the same type of image: groups of seniors happily doing things together. They take bike trips together, they do wine tasting together, they go antiquing together. If all that advertising were to be believed, retirement living today is…

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