When Helping Others Who Are Dealing with Grief, Your Actions Can Speak Much Louder than Your Words

As we age, there’s one inevitable reality we all face: we have to contend with the loss of friends and loved ones. This frequently means walking the journey of grief alongside someone who has just lost a spouse, sibling, parent or friend. Even for pastors and others trained in how to deal with grief, helping…


Are You Feeling Positive About Your Health and About Aging? How You Think Affects How You Feel, Studies Show

Here at the AgingOptions blog, we’ve just come across a pair of articles that demonstrate something most of us understand intuitively: our attitude – especially about aging and health – has a powerful and direct bearing on how we feel. These articles also provide yet more evidence that today’s aging baby boomers are refusing to…


Family Finance Update: A Spendthrift Trust Can Help You Keep Your Heirs from Blowing Their Inheritance

Just a few weeks ago here on the AgingOptions blog, we shared some helpful advice about the right approach to giving money to your family members. The gist of the article (you’ll find it here) is that there’s a right way – and a wrong way – to give resources away, and if you want…


Is Your Retirement Date Getting Closer? Consider this Four-Step Retirement Checklist to See If You’re Really Ready

There’s no shortage of articles telling us how to prepare for retirement – but until you’re really ready to hear the information it tends to fall on deaf ears. This article we recently found on the Motley Fool website is a good basic case in point: it presents “A 4-Step Checklist for People About to…

Downsizing Myths and what you can learn from them

Thinking of Downsizing for Retirement Living? You Need to Plan Ahead in Order to Do it Right

Downsizing – moving into that smaller, better-organized, better-located retirement residence that’s just right for you as you age – is a popular topic these days. We’ve presented dozens of articles here on the AgingOptions blog about where and why to downsize. But here’s an article we found last fall on the MarketWatch website that we…

Caregivers Support

Attention, Caregivers: Compassion Fatigue is Real. Here Are Some Ways You Can Deal With It.

If you’re a caregiver, actively caring for a loved one with serious health issues, the symptoms may sound all too familiar. You find yourself feeling exhausted all the time. Sometimes you feel irritable, even losing your sense of sympathy for the person you’re helping. You may have experienced physical symptoms such as headaches or weight…

Medicare Plan Finder Confusion

Medicare Mistakes: Sorting Out Some of the Misunderstandings that Can Affect Your Coverage and Cost You Thousands

Few things are more important to retirees than Medicare. Tens of millions of Americans, most of them 65 and older, rely on Medicare to keep them healthy, pay for all or most of their prescriptions, and help them deal with chronic medical conditions that can become much more serious with age. Yet for a program…

Older Couple reviewing Social Security Benefits

“Financial Wellness” is Much More than a Mere Buzzword – it can Overcome Stress and Brighten Your Future

What stresses you out? If you’re like nearly two-thirds of Americans, issues surrounding money are right up there near the top of the list, according to the American Psychological Association’s “Stress in America” survey. Money ranked alongside our divisive national politics and work-related stress as the leading source of anxiety among our fellow citizens. Financial…