Is a Loved One Suffering with Unexplained Breathing Problems? The Cause Could be as Close as Their Bedroom

It’s a respiratory condition that you may never have heard of. This condition is not especially common – about 200,000 cases per year – but once contracted, it can cause lasting lung damage unless treated. And while this condition does not specifically affect seniors more than younger people, knowing about it may explain why someone…

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If You Worry Too Much About Not Being Able to Afford Retirement, Maybe It’s Time for a Fresh Approach

We know from experience here at AgingOpti0ns that millions of Americans approaching retirement age are worried – about health, about family, and mostly about finances. And while we remain strong advocates of careful planning, sometimes we run across an article that reminds us that there’s a lot more to retirement than money. That was our…

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New Online Reporting Form will Allow the Public to Report Imposter Scam Calls to Social Security

The following article was taken from The Press Office on twitter @SSAPress   Social Security Administration and its Inspector General Announce New Online Reporting Form for Imposter Scam Calls   Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, and Gail S. Ennis, the Inspector General for the Social Security Administration, announce the launch of a dedicated online…

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“A Retirement Community That Comes to You” – New York Times Article Spotlights a New Twist on an Old Idea in Senior Living

Seniors planning for their housing needs have traditionally had a fairly limited set of choices. They could age in place, remaining at home, which is the preferred route of the vast majority of aging adults. They could move in with family or with friends. Or they could choose to live in a retirement community, surrounded…

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The Capitol Building is where they debate social security benefits.

Open Enrollment: Several Bills Now Before Congress Would Boost Medicare Benefits, Reduce Drug Costs, According to CNBC

With four weeks (more or less) to go in the open enrollment season, many Medicare beneficiaries are shopping for plans for the first time. One of the biggest surprises for those who haven’t done their homework is the discovery that basic Medicare doesn’t cover dental, vision or hearing services: these important benefits require additional policies…

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Home Health Care Reduces Hospital Readmission Rate for Seniors Recovering from Heart Failure, New Study Finds

Senior adults who spend time in the hospital are often send to a nursing home for rehabilitation. The assumption generally has been that, after a brief time of rehab, they’re ready to return home and resume independent living. But a just-released research report from the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society proves that a lack…

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Open Enrollment Report: If You Ignore Your Drug Coverage, You Could Face Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs in 2020

We’re approximately at the halfway point for Medicare’s open enrollment period for this year. In case you haven’t been paying attention, most of us have until December 7th to make changes in our Medicare, Medicare Advantage or Medigap policies. Today on the AgingOptions blog, we want to take a look at an often-overlooked component of…

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Is it time to fire your doctor?

Time to Go Home from the Hospital? Here’s One Thing You Absolutely Must Do Before Being Discharged

Last week we wrote here on the AgingOptions blog about the importance of preparing for your discharge from the hospital from the moment you arrive. Today we’re considering an important aspect of that preparation.  When you’re in the hospital and the time for discharge approaches, there’s a rush of last-minute activity, gathering personal effects and…

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A Housing Snapshot: Costs of Home Renovation to Age in Place Will Be Beyond the Reach of Many Retirees, New Reports Say

It’s well known by now that an overwhelming percentage of seniors want to age in place, growing old in their present home. We’ve written about this idea many times here on the AgingOptions blog, most recently in this article from last summer. However, a recently-published Kaiser Health News article combined with an updated housing report…

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