Déjà Vu: Battle over Care of Ailing Comedian Tim Conway Seems Sadly Familiar

He was one of the funniest men on television in his heyday, and his deadpan humor was a staple on the top-rated Carol Burnett Show which premiered on network television in 1967 and ran for 11 seasons. But today, Tim Conway is a sad shell of what he once was. Suffering from dementia, the one-time…

Senior housing will be a problem in the future.

Can Your House Accommodate You as You Age in Place? This Washington Post Article Shows You How

It has been quite a while since we’ve written on the AgingOptions blog about some of the specific ways people are modifying their houses to make it possible to age in place. For that reason, and because this is a topic we get questions about frequently, we were immediately interested in this timely article from…


Study Links a Diet of Highly Processed Food with Risk of Cancer

Doctors and nutritionists have long suspected that the Western diet of highly processed foods, high in sugars and chemical additives, is bad for our health. Earlier this year, we read about a comprehensive medical study that showed for the first time what could be an alarming correlation between ultra-processed foods and some kinds of cancer.…