Painting of an Introverted Senior

Introverted Seniors Often Feel Out of Place in Activity-Oriented Retirement Homes

The ads on television, the slick brochures and the finely-targeted websites for today’s retirement homes typically portray the same type of image: groups of seniors happily doing things together. They take bike trips together, they do wine tasting together, they go antiquing together. If all that advertising were to be believed, retirement living today is…

a marriage can be challenged by retirement

Married Couples Facing Retirement Have Some Work to Do to Get on the Same Page!

We enjoy reading the financial advice from nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Singletary. Her financial advice covers a wide range of topics but her views on money and aging are of particular interest to us here at AgingOptions. So we were immediately drawn to her most recent column on the Washington Post website, especially because the…

The Missing Ingredient to Retirement Planning

What’s the #1 Missing Ingredient in Most Retirement Planning? Hint: it’s Not About Money

The article we just read on the CNBC website is titled, “Make sure this key ingredient is part of your retirement.” which claims to have the missing ingredient that many retirement plans miss. At first, we just assumed it was one more in an endless list of articles advising this financial strategy or that investment tip…

A women perplexed by retirement finances

Survey Shows Most Americans “Clueless” About Retirement Finances

If you were to ask most Americans how important it is to have a solid understanding of retirement finances, the majority would agree that it’s extremely important, even essential. Saving money (and spending it wisely) is one of the keys to enjoying retirement with enough resources to live the way we want to live. But…

Medicare Plan Finder Confusion

New Report Blasts Medicare Plan Finder as “Overwhelming,” “Misleading,” “Nowhere Near Up to Par”

The choices people have to make when signing up for Medicare can be baffling. So in order to help make the decision more clear, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS as it is commonly known, runs a feature on their website called Medicare Plan Finder (you’ll find a link here), designed to…

Caregivers Support

Nation’s 42 Million Caregivers are Finally Getting Greater Support Thanks to New Bipartisan Law

Much has been written – but not enough has been done – about the plight of the nation’s estimated 42 million people, almost all untrained family members, who are serving as primary caregivers for a loved one with chronic health problems. Some of these are caring for children with disabilities, but many more are at…