Retire successfully with an AgingOptions LifePlan™

Did you know that 70% of people will spend some amount of time in a nursing home or need long term care?

That fact often leaves those who are unprepared in financial ruin, unable to return home, and burdening their loved ones with inadequate instruction or legal ability to be of help. We want you to be the exception to the retirement statistics.

Success in retirement doesn’t happen by accident, and realistically it can’t be done alone. It requires thorough planning in multiple aspects of your life, such as Health, Housing, Financial and Legal needs. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of failed retirement planning which could leave you institutionalized, broke, or a undue burden on your loved ones. The AgingOptions LifePlanning™ Workbook is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself approach to helping you change the way you view, plan for and navigate your retirement. Developed by renowned Elder Law Attorney, Rajiv Nagaich, this workbook prepares retirees to live well in the years between retirement and the finalization of life, while addressing the concerns retirees have (or may have overlooked!).

Start planning for the rest of your life with the AgingOptions LifePlanning™ Workbook or one of our other LifePlansolutions:

LifePlanning Workbook Series

AgingOptions LifePlanning Workbook Series

$500.00 $125.00

The workbook series includes an introduction to the LifePlan and worksheets to successfully carry out your plan, 4 specific workbooks to help manage health, housing, financial, and legal needs, and an additional workbook to help share the information with your fiduciaries and family.

AgingOptions Comprehensive LifePlan (Deposit)


In creating a comprehensive LifePlan, you and your partner will work privately with a LifePlan Coach and supporting professionals to create a retirement blueprint that includes preventative health planning, predictable housing planning, secure financial planning, legal planning, and a family meeting.

Your $700 deposit will contribute toward the pricing and required services that will be determined during your initial consultation. Upon confirmation of your order, we will contact you to schedule an initial consultation with one of our LifePlanners.