Our Philosophy

At AgingOptions, we approach the practice of elder care and care management in a way that differs markedly from other care managers and care management companies.

Nine guiding principles influence every aspect of our practice.

Guiding Principle #1:

Practice Holistic Elder Care~ As a “holistic” elder care management company, we offer all the services you need to manage a loved one’s long-term illness. Instead of trying to cobble together a network of independent companies such as senior advisors (who can’t meet your legal needs), geriatric care companies (who can’t protect your assets or meet your legal needs) or traditional elder law firms (who don’t offer care coordination services), we offer all the help you need under one roof.

Guiding Principle #2:

Promote Quality of Life ~ We help you find and protect the resources that will enable your loved one to live out his or her final years in dignity. Our goal is to use those resources to obtain care that will deliver a kinder, gentler life given the circumstances.

Guiding Principle #3:

Walk in Your Shoes ~ Nearly everyone on our staff has personal experience caring for an elderly or disabled family member. From our care coordinators to our financial workers, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges, joys and heartbreak that you are experiencing during the long-term care journey.

Guiding Principle #4:

Do Whatever it Takes ~ Your Total Elder Care Solution is structured to give us maximum flexibility to do whatever is needed to help your loved one age with dignity. Even if you need help dealing with problems beyond long-term care, care coordination or legal issues, we pull in the right professionals to help resolve your issue.

Guiding Principle #5:

Relieve the Burdens ~ Our Geriatric Care Managers don’t just tell you whom to call, we make the call for you. We don’t just refer you to a service and leave you to fend for yourself, we do the work for you. Our goal is to free you from worries about care.

Guiding Principle #6:

Make the System Work for You ~ Our nation’s current system of providing care to those who cannot take care of themselves leaves much to be desired. The way AgingOptions plans for and coordinates total care for clients resembles the approach families in other parts of the world use to care for their most vulnerable loved ones.

Guiding Principle #7:

It’s Not Just about the Money ~ Though many of our clients come to us because their primary concern is protecting loved ones’ assets, they quickly realize that care is the bigger issue. The Total Elder Care Solution frees families to make the most of their remaining time with loved ones by relieving them of the burdens of constant care.

Guiding Principle #8:

You Only Get One Chance ~ Unless you’re already an elder care expert, how are you supposed to know what to do when your aging loved one needs help? When you’re faced with the situation, there’s no time for practice, no room for trial and error. Our team of professionals helps you to get it right the first time, without having to become an expert or being crushed by the demands of care.

Guiding Principle #9:

Aging at Home is the Ideal Situation ~ That’s why our team of resource specialist and geriatric care professionals leave no stone unturned to help you and your family identify the least restrictive environment where your loved one can live safely. Whether the right environment is the elder’s own home, a nursing home or something in between, we help you select the best long-term care option.