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AgingOptions Comprehensive LifePlan (Deposit)


In creating a comprehensive LifePlan, you and your partner will work privately with a LifePlan Coach and supporting professionals to create a retirement blueprint that includes preventative health planning, predictable housing planning, secure financial planning, legal planning, and a family meeting.

Your $700 deposit will contribute toward the pricing and required services that will be determined during your initial consultation. Upon confirmation of your order, we will contact you to schedule an initial consultation with one of our LifePlanners.

LifePlanning Workbook Series

AgingOptions LifePlanning Workbook Series


The workbook series includes an introduction to the LifePlan and worksheets to successfully carry out your plan, 4 specific workbooks to help manage health, housing, financial, and legal needs, and an additional workbook to help share the information with your fiduciaries and family.

AgingOptions LifePlanning Workbook Series + LifePlan Classes


This bundle includes our LifePlanning Workbook series in addition to a 5-part class for you and your partner that prepares planning for the areas of health, housing, finance, legal, and family needs. Professionals from the aforementioned specialties, coupled with access to a LifePlanner, help you and your partner personalize a successful future. Upon confirmation of your order, we will contact you to schedule classroom meetings.