AgingOptions LifePlanning Workbook Series


The 6-part workbook series includes:

– An introduction to LifePlanning workbook with worksheets to successfully design your retirement

– 4 topic-specific workbooks to help manage health, housing, financial, and legal needs

– An additional workbook to help share your plans with your fiduciaries and family

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About the LifePlanning Workbook Series

LifePlanning Workbook

Retirement Planning Re-imagined!


AgingOption’s LifePlanning Workbook is a comprehensive future life planner that helps one plan for aging years with more confidence, thereby, reducing the fears that comes with high failure rate often associated with traditional retirement planning. The workbook helps the reader examine their readiness for a quality aging life, provides practical solutions to threats and challenges that comes with aging, and guides the reader through a step-by-step action plan building a blueprint towards a secure, predictable outcome.

The LifePlanning model developed by AgingOptions is used to help you plan for their future from a comprehensive lens.  The planning aims to connect the different critical aspects of the individual’s life towards a common future goal of quality life.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • how best to maximize resources to improve one’s current health to reduce future disability years
  • to strategize ways to age in one’s choice “home” and avoid institutional care and housing
  • to understand how to use assets as resources to support future goals so that burdens to loved ones are minimized
  • to create manuals of instructions to protect assets and tailor Powers of Attorney(s)’ role and scope of authority
  • and how to set family expectations and garner support

Past individuals who have gone through the LifePlanning process report a peace of mind once their blueprint has been developed and family members are made aware of and empowered in their role in your aging.

This workbook is made with you in mind as we want all Americans to change the way they think or talk about, plan for, and navigate in planning for their retirement years.  We invite you to exercise your options for a predictable future quality of life, and the LifePlanning workbook can get you there! 


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