Aging Options Resource Guide

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LifePlanning is more than the sum of the parts of estate planning, financial planning, healthcare planning and housing planning. It is a coordination of all these sums so you can have a complete retirement plan that you can count on to:

  • Protect assets from estate taxes and uncovered medical and long term care costs
  • Avoid institutional Care, if possible
  • Find the right placement if alternative housing becomes necessary
  • Not become a burden on loved ones

The missing piece often is — finding the right person to work with. The right person is not just one with credentials, but one who is educated in the discipline of LifePlanning, and connected with a community of allied professionals who together can provide you better answers than those who are not familiar with the LifePlanning Methodology.

Here is a list providers we feel should be able to give you better answers to your LifePlanning queries. The list is broken down by areas of planning and not just professions. Some names may appear in more than one category.