LifePlanning:  Retirement Planning Re-imagined!

The reality of retirement planning is this…

If you are retired or are planning to retire, you are almost certainly headed for retirement failure – not because you did not plan, but because you likely planned incorrectly and put all your hopes into that plan. What you hope to achieve over the rest of your life (not just the next few years) is to AVOID:

1. Institutional care

2. Becoming a burden on others

3. Running out of money

Realistically, there is a 70% likelihood that you will NOT be able to live out your life in your own home, that your loved ones will unknowingly become your unpaid caregivers when you are no longer independent, and you will lose a large portion of your hard earned assets to pay for uncovered medical and long-term care costs.

That doesn’t need to be the case

…if you upgrade your retirement plan to a LifePlan, a coordinated retirement plan that addresses retirement issues more effectively. By re-imagining retirement planning, to address every aspect of life a retiree will have to deal with sooner or later, a LifePlan makes sure that each aspect works seamlessly when you are no longer able to captain your own ship.

Why do you need a LifePlan?

Each failure in retirement is the result of inadequate planning, disparate areas of life planned with no regard of one another. Health, Housing, Finance, Legal, and Family – all connected in the end but never planned in a coordinated manner. Coordinate your planning efforts and you have a comprehensive LifePlan, a plan that is more effective than a traditional retirement plan. With a LifePlan you can confidently: avoid institutional care, not become a burden, and protect your assets.

AO LifePlanning gets you started

Where can you start? AgingOptions has carefully prepared products that will guide you, step by step, through the entirety of the LifePlanning process. Here is what you will learn through LifePlanning:

AO Health Planning
Preserve your health and select the right medical team.
Learn how to lower the risk of you needing home health and home care services by 40%.

AO Housing Planning

How to increase the odds of you being able to live out your life in your own home from 30% to 80% (according to Stanford University) without running out of money or your loved ones becoming your unpaid caregivers in the process.

AO Financial Planning

It’s not the size of your nest egg that is important, but how your agents will use those funds when they are called upon to act. Learn how to organize your affairs so that your agents will not be burdened by the tasks they are expected to perform.

AO Legal Planning
How to prepare legal documents that do more than merely assign responsibility and legal authority to your agents, but to prepare manuals of instructions that guide your agents to help you realize the outcomes you hope for, without your needs becoming a burden on them.

AO Family involvement planning
There is more to communicating your hopes and expectations with your family than discussing end of life expectations. Family Planning guides you towards developing a meaningful checklist of issues to discuss with your family for an effective meeting that will bring clarity to their roles and take their input into account, allowing you to amend your affairs to avoid burdening them.


Success in retirement doesn’t happen by accident

…and it’s a lot to take on alone – it requires thorough Health, Housing, Financial and Legal planning with qualified professionals. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of a failed retirement planning that could leave you institutionalized, broke, or a burden on your loved ones and create the successful retirement you envision.


Get started now!

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