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A holistic elder care company helping families plan for, pay for, and coordinate the long-term care of elderly loved ones.

Our services are geared towards retirees and those thinking about retirement and concerned about:

  • Losing independence & having to move to a nursing home.
  • Losing your assets to uncovered medical or long term care costs.
  • Becoming a burden on your loved ones.

AgingOptions Preferred Partners

Preferred Partner

The AgingOptions Preferred Partner Program is a localized network of professionals in the areas  of health, housing, finance and legal who are dedicated to the AgingOptions philosophy of providing an integrated approach to aging.

As a part of their training, our partners have made a commitment to providing services that recognizes the multi-disciplinary aspect of retirement planning.

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Three things you should do about Social Security

Most Americans treat Social Security benefits about the same way they treat paying into Social Security.  That is, they pay almost no attention to it at all.  Many are like a friend of mine who is sure that she won’t live particularly long because she has diabetes.  It’s true that her diabetes is likely to…


‘Ware the Robocall.  It should be the name of some bizarre horror film but instead it’s a warning to seniors about yet another scam.   Robocalls are the automated calls you receive from political candidates or telemarketing companies. Some of them sound personalized.  Nearly all of them are a waste of your time but some of…

Our lifestyles are killing Americans

Less than half of all Americans meet the federal guidelines for activity.  Unfortunately, even those adults that meet the guideline often negate the benefits of their activity by pursuing long periods of inactivity either through work (by sitting at a desk all day or commuting) or in their leisure time (by watching television, playing on…

What can you do when Mom’s having housing issues?

Caregivers often find themselves in tricky situations.  Here’s a situation that can come up that can require trained help to overcome. Your mom has dementia and resides in a nursing home.  She never lasts very long in any particular nursing home because she enters other client’s rooms, undresses and slips into bed with them (don’t…

The type of walking you do may determine your risk of falls

We have a walking trail in my neighborhood.  It’s neither long enough nor is it particularly picturesque, it doesn’t lead to shopping areas or impressive views and yet despite that I see more and more of my neighbors taking advantage of its existence.   The benefit to the walking trail in my neighborhood over the sidewalks…

Common herbs may play a role in controlling diabetes

If your garden includes any edibles, it probably includes rosemary and oregano.  Not only do they grow well in this climate but even weeding around them can be restful.  There’s nothing like pulling up a weed and accidentally crushing the leaves of one of these wonderfully aromatic plants.  Now, there’s another reason to grow them. …

New reverse mortgage rules begin next month

The Wall Street Journal reported this month that the number of reverse mortgages has increased.  In the first quarter of this year, banks processed 9 percent more reverse mortgage loans over last year.  The average credit line was also up, 4 percent over last year and the highest since 2008.  The most common reason borrowers…

Choosing a financial advisor

Do you find yourself saying things like, “My son/ daughter/uncle/ dad/etc thinks that I should buy a home/ sell my home/buy stock in xyz company?”  Very few of us have the level of financial acumen we believe we need to make the best financial decisions.  This leaves us prone to listening to people that we believe have…