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A holistic elder care company helping families plan for, pay for, and coordinate the long-term care of elderly loved ones.

Our services are geared towards retirees and those thinking about retirement and concerned about:

  • Losing independence & having to move to a nursing home.
  • Losing your assets to uncovered medical or long term care costs.
  • Becoming a burden on your loved ones.

AgingOptions Preferred Partners

Preferred Partner

The AgingOptions Preferred Partner Program is a localized network of professionals in the areas  of health, housing, finance and legal who are dedicated to the AgingOptions philosophy of providing an integrated approach to aging.

As a part of their training, our partners have made a commitment to providing services that recognizes the multi-disciplinary aspect of retirement planning.

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Are you about to embark on a second marriage? Congratulations! It’s wonderful to rediscover wedded bliss after divorce or the loss of a spouse. However, in the midst of planning for the celebration, there’s another plan you need to make – a financial plan. Protecting your assets, for yourself and your heirs, is vital, and…


Every retiree we work with at Aging Options wants to preserve his or her assets in retirement. And as we tell our clients and radio listeners, there’s no faster way to lose your assets than with uncontrolled medical expenses. Making wise choices about Medicare is essential to your financial health as well as your physical…


We have met with, spoken with and counseled thousands of seniors, and if there’s one wish we’ve heard almost every time, it’s the fervent desire not to be a burden to your loved ones. No one wants to be forced into a living situation where we become dependent on our adult children! Yes, as we…


Few of our age-related maladies fill us with more dread than Alzheimer’s disease. Globally this debilitating illness, now the sixth leading cause of death, affects over 36 million men and women – about five million here in the U.S. Here’s a sobering prediction: by 2050, this number is expected to triple. Planning ahead to avoid…

LONELINESS: The Invisible Epidemic

We have said repeatedly, on our website and in our radio broadcasts, that aging should be a family affair. After all, aging is not an option – but how we age is! And in our quest for independence, it is essential that we avoid the trap of loneliness. Here’s a startling fact, explained in this…

Medicare and Home Health

Should you be able to expect Medicare to help you stay at home by allowing you Home Health?  Good article that addresses this issue. 

Approval of Notice Act ( Medicare Patients’ Hospital Rights)

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved legislation Monday night requiring hospitals across the nation to tell Medicare patients when they receive observation care but have not been admitted to the hospital. It’s a distinction that’s easy to miss until patients are hit with big medical bills after a short stay. The vote follows overwhelming approval in…

Eight Trivia Question for the 80th Anniversary

Eight Trivia Questions for the 80th Anniversary By Kirk Larson Social Security Western Washington Public Affairs Specialist Eighty years ago, on August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. Here in Washington State, Social Security plays a major part in supporting our communities and our economy. Over 1.25 million…

Best defence against the misinterpretation of HIPAA Law

The below article in New York Times suggests that the use of HIPAA codes are often misinterprets the law and often families have to struggle accessing the information on behalf of their love ones during the crisis situation. I recommend the best defense is not necessarily to rely on the law, but to have HIPAA release language in your…

WSJ: Reverse Mortgage Could Help Boost Retirement Income By 30%

by Emily Study Taking out a reverse mortgage could help increase retirees’ annual income by 30% when done in conjunction with a few other retirement planning steps, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. The strategy comes at a time when retirement fears plague the nation, as reports indicate that few Americans are truly…