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A holistic elder care company helping families plan for, pay for, and coordinate the long-term care of elderly loved ones.

Our services are geared towards retirees and those thinking about retirement and concerned about:

  • Losing independence & having to move to a nursing home.
  • Losing your assets to uncovered medical or long term care costs.
  • Becoming a burden on your loved ones.



Proud Sponsor of the Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (WAELA) 2015 Senior Matters, an educational event for Elder Law Attorneys.

AgingOptions Preferred Partners

Preferred Partner

The AgingOptions Preferred Partner Program is a localized network of professionals in the areas  of health, housing, finance and legal who are dedicated to the AgingOptions philosophy of providing an integrated approach to aging.

As a part of their training, our partners have made a commitment to providing services that recognizes the multi-disciplinary aspect of retirement planning.

What’s New

A phased retirement may offer the best of both worlds

If you’re thinking you’re not ready yet to retire but you’d like more time to spend with your hobbies or your family, you may be in luck.  That’s because older federal workers will soon be able to take advantage of a new federal-employee phased retirement program.   While many schools of higher education have long offered…

Caring for the caregiver so you can care for your charge

Socializing is an important aspect of healthy aging.  We often focus our attention on the socialization of the individual at the end of life without paying particular attention to the person providing him or her with care.  Informal caregivers provide the majority of Long-Term Care in the United States and most report that their health…

Son liable for his mother’s nursing home bill because he signed a separate nursing home contract

A court of appeals ruled that a son who placed his mother in a nursing home was personally responsible for his mother’s expenses not because he signed an admission agreement (which he did) but because he signed a separate contract assuming financial responsibility for his mother’s bills. Richard Cole, a resident of Ohio, admitted his…

Should you buy Long-Term Care insurance?

Neither Medicare nor health insurance covers traditional “custodial care” despite many people’s beliefs to the contrary.  As our population ages, more people are living longer with chronic conditions, increasing the odds that you will be one of the people needing Long-Term Care.  Withthe cost of Long-Term care growing you would think that insurance to cover…

Ask a Lawyer: Maximizing Social Security benefits

Dear Rajiv, On your radio show, a caller asked you about taking the spousal benefit for Social Security while his wife delays taking her benefit. I’m not sure that I understand how this works. I worked longer than my husband and my Social Security will be higher than his. He started taking Social Security a…

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Should you change your Part D coverage?

Each year, Medicare beneficiaries get another chance to switch their plans. Most people will have a choice between 30 or more plans.  For a lot of people, having so many choices can be mind-boggling and so they stay with the same plan year after year despite the fact that their plans change.  Maybe it’s not…

Scams-when the debt collectors are wrong

In 2001, a debt collector began calling me daily. The debt they were attempting to collect on was from someone with a completely different name than mine.  It didn’t seem to matter.  It took me three years of arguing to finally get enough information from them to be able to do something about it.  It…