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A holistic elder care company helping families plan for, pay for, and coordinate the long-term care of elderly loved ones.

Our services are geared towards retirees and those thinking about retirement and concerned about:

  • Losing independence & having to move to a nursing home.
  • Losing your assets to uncovered medical or long term care costs.
  • Becoming a burden on your loved ones.



Proud Sponsor of the Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (WAELA) 2015 Senior Matters, an educational event for Elder Law Attorneys.

AgingOptions Preferred Partners

Preferred Partner

The AgingOptions Preferred Partner Program is a localized network of professionals in the areas  of health, housing, finance and legal who are dedicated to the AgingOptions philosophy of providing an integrated approach to aging.

As a part of their training, our partners have made a commitment to providing services that recognizes the multi-disciplinary aspect of retirement planning.

What’s New

Seniors use additional brain region for shopping

Now, for a shopping story.  I don’t know whether this should be considered good news or not but a Duke University study found that older shoppers use additional brain resources for remembering competing pieces of information and as a result they make better decisions than younger counterparts when making purchasing decisions.  The study found that…

Have you changed your mind about what is an acceptable life?

Just put me on an ice floe and let me float away.  That’s what I’ve heard people say when they talk about a time when they become infirm.  Of course finding an ice floe might soon become so difficult as to make the statement nearly incomprehensible but for now the implication is clear.  Most healthy,…

Financial planning for the end of the year and beyond

It’s nearly the end of the year but you still have a few days to make some last minute financial moves.  Here’s a few moves suggested by a US News Money article: Workers under age 50, can contribute $17,500 to their 401(k) plans that will count toward their 2014 tax returns.  Workers 50 and over…

What you need for retirement

Here’s a short list of things you need for retirement. Your own home.  Renters are far more likely to be burdened by basic expenses than home owners.  Housing is generally the single highest household cost and thus directly affects the financial security and the ability to accrue wealth for all families.  Renters face the threat…

Retiring abroad may impact how your LTC insurance policy pays for coverage

Are you contemplating retiring abroad?  If you are, you will want to consider how such a move might impact your long-term care benefits.  According to a recent New York Times article, the number of Americans receiving Social Security abroad has risen 8 percent in the last three years.  Some long-term care policies offer less coverage…

Change up your exercise routine by changing its intensity

It’s easy to think our days are jam packed with activities and there’s simply not enough time for just one more item.  However, some items shouldn’t be on the arbitrary schedule of things to do when you have time.  One of those things is exercise.  People who don’t exercise on a regular schedule see exercise…

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Avoid holiday scams by staying in the know

The holidays are a great time for scammers.  We’re all feeling a little more generous and we want to spread some cheer, plus and I hate to say it, but it at least seems like more bad things happen at this time of the year.  Mudslides, earthquakes, floods…all those things that rob people of the…