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A holistic elder care company helping families plan for, pay for, and coordinate the long-term care of elderly loved ones.

Our services are geared towards retirees and those thinking about retirement and concerned about:

  • Losing independence & having to move to a nursing home.
  • Losing your assets to uncovered medical or long term care costs.
  • Becoming a burden on your loved ones.

AgingOptions Preferred Partners

Preferred Partner

The AgingOptions Preferred Partner Program is a localized network of professionals in the areas  of health, housing, finance and legal who are dedicated to the AgingOptions philosophy of providing an integrated approach to aging.

As a part of their training, our partners have made a commitment to providing services that recognizes the multi-disciplinary aspect of retirement planning.

What’s New

Not purchasing health coverage can cost you

The average silver level health care plan costs between $200 and $300. At $2,400 to $3,600 for annual premiums, those numbers far exceed the penalty portion of the Affordable Care Act.  So, many Americans chose not to purchase health insurance this year.  Under the Act, people who do not purchase insurance will be on the…

If you’re 50 or over, does it still make sense to invest in Roth IRAs?

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week comparing Roth IRAs to traditional retirement accounts or 401(k) plans.  According to the author of the article, after age 50, the benefits of a Roth IRA may only be minor or in some cases may not exist at all.  With traditional IRAs, you get a tax…

Flaw In Federal Software Lets Employers Offer Plans Without Hospital Benefits, Consultants Say

By Jay Hancock KHN Staff Writer Sep 12, 2014 A flaw in the federal calculator for certifying that insurance meets the health law’s toughest standard is leading dozens of large employers to offer plans that lack basic benefits such as hospitalization coverage, according to brokers and consultants. The calculator appears to allow companies enrolling workers…

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Special mothers honored this Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day. No I’m not especially early or even really late.  For a special group of mothers, Sunday marks a Mother’s Day of a different stripe.  The last Sunday in September is observed for those mothers who have lost sons or daughters in a war. The American Gold Star Mothers was formed after World…

Are you ready for Medicare enrollment season?

The end of September marks the end of summer. In addition to turning our thoughts towards the holidays, it’s really only weeks away from the Annual Coordinated Election Period (ACEP) for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.  Between Oct 15 and Dec 7, Medicare beneficiaries have the opportunity to analyze their options…

Parents may be forced to pay for adult child’s unpaid health care

The Elder Law news this week might as well be a suggestion to stay out of Pennsylvania or at least make sure that you and yours don’t die while living there. That’s because the state is once again in the news for trying to enforce filial law.  There’s nothing new about filial law, they’ve been around…

Ask a lawyer

Q. Is an annuity exempt from Medicaid’s “spend down”? A. Generally annuities are not exempt from spend down requirements for Medicaid qualifications. However, the answer is more complex than that.  First, let us define an annuity as Medicaid contemplates that term.  Medicaid refers to funds transferred to an investment company for the purposes of earning…