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“Will I have enough assets in order to not run out of money before I run out of life?” is top of mind for all of us in the final third of our lives.

In answering this, preservation, positioning and passing of accumulated wealth goes beyond traditional estate planning. It calls for all affected family members to be

participants in a model that integrates health, housing and elder law considerations.

Generosity, Sociability, Intimacy: a Few Keys to a Happier Retirement

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best – a statement that can certainly be true in retirement. With that in mind we were drawn to this recent article on a website called “Real Deal Retirement” with the title, “How to Live a Longer and Happier Retirement.” Who wouldn’t want the answer to a promise like that?  The author, money expert and retirement writer Walter Updegrave, wrote the piece in response to a retiree who asked whether volunteering might actually help the retiree li

Some Tips to Keep Inflation from Depleting Your Retirement Savings

One of our chief priorities as we work for our clients here at AgingOptions is helping them protect their assets in retirement. It’s all well and good to save money while you’re working, but if you haven’t planned carefully to make your assets last, you may very likely find yourself outliving your resources. This forces many retirees into lifestyles that rob them of joy in what is supposed to be their “golden years.” For that reason we’re always on the lookout for helpful articles

Reverse Mortgage Can Help Seniors Afford to Age in Place

We just discovered a pair of related articles on an industry website called Reverse Mortgage Daily that help shed light on what many believe will be an upcoming explosion in Home Equity Conversion Loans, or HECM’s – the technical term for reverse mortgages. These articles could provide you with food for thought if you’re a qualified homeowner considering how a reverse mortgage could help make it possible for you to stay in your home in your future years, a choice called “aging in place.

When Helping Your Aging Parent, Protect Your Own Retirement Assets

Caring for an aging parent is a task more and more people are facing this days. A Pew Research study shows that over 40 million Americans provide care to someone over 65. The emotional and financial burden of being a caregiver for an aging parent can definitely come as a shock, sometimes resulting in the caregiver making some shortsighted financial decisions. In our practice here at AgingOptions we see this situation very frequently. So we were extremely interested in this recent article on t

New Medicare Law to Help Close Loophole in Nursing Home Coverage

You have an urgent medical problem, so you go to the hospital, where you’re kept under observation for several days. Your doctor then recommends a short stay in a nursing home for rehabilitation. Because you’re covered by Medicare, you assume those nursing home costs will be paid for, since Medicare typically covers up to 100 days of rehabilitative care following surgery or some other qualifying medical procedures. So imagine how you would feel, after returning home, to get a bill for the

Can Your Estate be Divided Unequally and Still be “Fair”?

A recent column in the Wealth Matters section of the New York Times caught our attention. The title brings to mind an issue we deal with often among our clients here at AgingOptions: “How a Will Treating Children Differently Can Still Be Fair.” If you’ve ever wrestled with the notion of dividing your estate unequally among your heirs, you can click here to see what the New York Times has to say about this potentially touchy – even explosive – issue. The article asks, “Is there eve

Attention Baby Boomers: It May be Time to Start Taking Your RMD!

With 2016 nearly two-thirds gone, there’s an important milestone happening this year that we almost missed: the oldest members of the Baby Boom generation have begun turning 70. And along with all the changes related to that milestone age comes another important adjustment: it’s time for many Baby Boomers to change the way they think about their retirement accounts. For the first wave of Boomers, RMD time has arrived. “RMD” stands for Required Minimum Distribution. According to a rece

Ten Critical Ways for Seniors to Avoid Identity Theft

How common is identity theft? According to a recent article on the website Huffington Post, each year about 17 million Americans fall victim to this frustrating, insidious crime. Because senior adults are often more trusting and less tech-savvy, they seem particularly prone to identity theft, resulting not only in financial loss but also in embarrassment and an increased sense of vulnerability. The more we put our financial and personal lives online, it seems, the greater the exposure to identit


By Kirk Larson Social Security Washington Public Affairs Specialist A home run is a highlight of any baseball game. The fans cheer with excitement to see a player rocket the ball into the stands. So, what are you doing to prepare for your retirement home run? Your goal should be to get past 1st, 2nd & 3rd base and make it home with a hefty plate of savings. Social Security has many tools to help you achieve financial security. Take the first step and visit


By Kirk Larson Social Security Washington Public Affairs Specialist The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, holding that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry in all states, resulted in Social Security recognizing more same-sex couples as married. This is important for determining entitlement to Social Security benefits or eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. We recently updated instructions for employees to process claims and appeals when

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