AgingOptions Life Plan: Finance

“Will I have enough assets in order to not run out of money before I run out of life?” is top of mind for all of us in the final third of our lives.

In answering this, preservation, positioning and passing of accumulated wealth goes beyond traditional estate planning. It calls for all affected family members to be

participants in a model that integrates health, housing and elder law considerations.

Some UK Seniors Wait a Year for Home Care – Could That Happen Here?

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a new administration in Washington, D.C., and the Republican Party is now in firm control not only of the Oval Office but also of both branches of Congress. Because some of the policies now being advocated by the new political leadership – particularly concerning Medicaid – are of special […]

How Should Retirees Cope with Changes Under Trump? Stay the Course

Trying to second-guess what our political leaders are going to do or say has always been a challenge – but seldom have we seen anything like the fireworks of the past 30 days. The change of administration from President Obama to President Trump has brought a new style of communication and a freewheeling flow of […]

Dreaming of a Happy Retirement? Read These 10 Surprising Secrets

Here at AgingOptions we’re always searching for good, solid, practical information about retirement, the kind our clients, readers and radio listeners can use. Unfortunately, we run across a lot of bad retirement advice – which makes it so refreshing when we discover the good kind. The article described below is a case in point. On […]

Reverse Mortgages Can Be Wonderful – but Beware of Scam Artists

It should come as no surprise to friends of AgingOptions that we’re big fans of reverse mortgages – in the right circumstances. Over the past year or more we’ve noted with interest how a growing number of financial experts have begun singing the praises of this once-maligned financial instrument. For some seniors in some situations, […]

There’s a “Family Disconnect” When It Comes to Discussing the Future

Have you and your adult children had a frank and detailed conversation about your estate and your wishes for the future? Do they know about your will and about your desire for leaving a legacy? If we were to ask those questions to an average group of parents, according to this insightful article just published […]

Lots of Good Reasons – and some Bad Ones – for a Reverse Mortgage

Here at AgingOptions we’re always researching the subject of retirement planning. It’s a fascinating and complex field, one that seems to change every day. Sadly, however, one thing that does not change is the prevalence of bad advice, and one area where we seem to see a lot of bad advice is under the heading […]

Expecting to Spend Less in Retirement? You Might be Surprised

Most seniors are convinced that, once they retire, their spending will almost certainly go down, not up. But what if that assumption is wrong? This article recently published on the website Motley Fool is important for just about anyone who is beginning to get serious about retirement finances. Written by Motley Fool contributor Maurie Backman, […]

Dreaming of a Happy Retirement? Here are 5 Moves You Need to Avoid

Are you looking for ways to wreck your retirement? Of course for any sane person the answer is “no” – and yet many of us persist in certain actions (or inactions) that are almost guaranteed to do just that. This article published recently on the website Investopedia illustrates the point perfectly. It’s called “5 Retirement-Wrecking […]

“Fee-Only” vs. “Fee-Based” Financial Planning – a Crucial Difference

One of the questions we receive frequently here at AgingOptions, in our seminars or on the radio, involves choosing a financial adviser. We’re often asked something like this: “One financial planner is asking me to pay a fee, while another is compensated based on commissions. Which one is better?” This recent article from the website […]

Want to Stay in Your Home Longer? Consider These 6 Upgrades

Staying in your home as you age, or “aging in place,” is all the rage among retirees and future retirees, and for good reason. We’ve studied this issue for years, and read many articles about aging in place, which is something nine out of ten seniors say they prefer to do. For most seniors we […]
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