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“Will I have enough assets in order to not run out of money before I run out of life?” is top of mind for all of us in the final third of our lives.

In answering this, preservation, positioning and passing of accumulated wealth goes beyond traditional estate planning. It calls for all affected family members to be

participants in a model that integrates health, housing and elder law considerations.

Caring for Elders While Holding a Job: the Prescription for Stress

Some months ago we read a report on the blog of the AARP that revealed a problem too often overlooked, but one that will sound familiar to a significant number of Americans The problem is the growing number of people, estimated at nearly 24 million workers, who are holding down paying jobs while at the

Bloomberg: Future of Retirement is Bright, Despite Negative Press

No doubt you’ve read articles in recent years lamenting the demise of the traditional pension system and claiming that the economic outlook for today’s retirees is grim But at least one expert says, “Not so fast!” The future of retirement, he writes in this Bloomberg article, is actually brighter than ever We thought we would

Alarming Report: More and More Seniors Burdened by Student Loans

The start of a new year means that it won’t be long before today’s high school seniors start receiving acceptance letters from the colleges and universities to which they’ve applied And along with those welcome letters will come a less welcome decision: how is the family going to afford the soaring costs of higher education

It’s Not About the Money: Top Tips for a Happy Retirement Lifestyle

Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments is a nationally known financial expert, author of almost a dozen books about money, and one of the top 200 wealthiest people in America So when Fisher comes out with what he calls his favorite tips for retirees, you might expect them to be all about finances, right Well, you

These Five Social Security Misconceptions Could Cost You Plenty

Here at AgingOptions we work every day with clients who are in varying stages of retirement (or “pre-retirement”) We teach seminars about retirement planning and we stay up to date about programs, policies and trends that affect aging Americans As a result, at times it’s easy for us to assume that everyone has a good

Planning on Working During Retirement? Time for a Reality Check

A growing percentage of men and women approaching retirement say they plan to continue working part time once they cross that “retirement threshold”  But as this recent article on the website NextAvenue reveals, a significant number of boomers are doing little or nothing to keep themselves employable – and as a result they may be

To Enhance Your Retirement Security, Go on a Financial Diet

Developing healthy eating habits means you’ll lose weight, feel better and (generally speaking) live longer If you adopt better exercise habits, you’ll improve your energy level as you age and hopefully minimize the adverse effects of growing older – at least for a while Most of us know the benefits of diet and exercise But

MarketWatch: Home Equity Can’t Be Ignored in Retirement Planning

“With 77 percent of a retiree’s net worth locked in home equity it’s astonishing why so many financial planners ignore home equity when creating retirement plans” So states this recent article we just discovered on the financial website MarketWatch  Written by Denver-based reverse mortgage planner Peter Rueth, the article makes a compelling case that a

Families Dealing with Dementia Need to Understand the Perils Ahead

If you are part of a family dealing with dementia, you know what a bewildering and painful journey it can often be Part of the great and unanticipated tragedy of dementia is the emotional and relational damage it can wreak, not just on the one with the illness, but on loved ones as well  In

Attention Baby Boomers: It May be Time to Start Taking Your RMD!

It has been a little over a year since we focused attention on the critical importance to boomers of learning the ABC’s of RMD’s With 2017 almost gone, the oldest members of the baby boom generation are reaching the age of 70 ½ which means – along with all the other adjustments that come as
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