AgingOptions Life Plan: Finance

“Will I have enough assets in order to not run out of money before I run out of life?” is top of mind for all of us in the final third of our lives.

In answering this, preservation, positioning and passing of accumulated wealth goes beyond traditional estate planning. It calls for all affected family members to be

participants in a model that integrates health, housing and elder law considerations.

Social Security Making a Difference in Communities

By Kirk Larson, Social Security Washington Public Affairs Specialist Social Security is a critical federal program that promotes income stability among millions of households in the United States. Social Security is always evolving to meet the needs of the American public. We’re optimistic about the future and the limitless possibilities for progress. Much of the […]

Industry is Pushing for a Big Change in Long-Term Care Insurance Pricing

According to an article we recently read on the website of the authoritative Forbes magazine, there may be big changes coming in the way consumers pay for long-term care (LTC) insurance. If you’re considering buying an LTC insurance policy or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to read this timely article. At […]

Caring for a Loved One with Dementia Takes Huge Financial, Emotional Toll

Every year in late September, people around the globe observe World Alzheimer’s Day. Last fall, to mark the occasion, an organization called released the results of a survey that showed just how burdensome caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can be. The poll demonstrates what many already […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work? This Article Shows Where the Money Goes

The deadline for filing income taxes – this year on April 18, 2017 – has come and gone. Let’s say you sent Uncle Sam $100. What do suppose he did with it? Sometimes taxes can seem like nothing but a black hole into which we taxpayers pour our hard-earned money. But as we all know, […]

Research Shows Lack of Financial Knowledge Puts Future in Jeopardy

If it feels to you as though today’s financial landscape is getting more and more complicated, you’re right. Not only are we all facing increasingly complex financial choices, but there’s also more at stake: the consequences of bad financial decisions can bring lifelong pain. It’s something we see all the time here at AgingOptions as […]

This Saturday: Top Insurance Expert Jim Feek Joins Rajiv in the Studio

So you think you know all there is to know about cash value life insurance and how it fits into your retirement plans? Prepare to be surprised, as one of America’s top insurance experts, Kirkland-based Jim Feek, joins Rajiv in the studio on April 15th. Jim will be available to take your questions and to […]

CBS Financial Expert Calls Reverse Mortgages “Smart” for Seniors

“A smart way for seniors to tap home equity” – that’s the headline on a just-published column by CBS Moneywatch columnist Kathy Kristof touting the advantages of the reverse mortgage. If you’re considering this powerful financial tool, this article will provide some compelling arguments. Kristof’s column appeared a few days ago on the CBS News […]

Four “Dangerous Assumptions” that Put Your Retirement at Risk

Here at AgingOptions we interact with all sorts of people as they begin to plan for retirement. Some have a very realistic view of the future, and they’re not afraid to deal with reality as they contemplate what the future holds. Others seem to live in a dream world, refusing to look the future squarely […]

More Than Half of Americans Will Retire Broke, New Study Reveals

It’s a topic we’ve written about on the AgingOptions Blog many times before: Americans, even baby boomers approaching retirement, are not saving anywhere near enough in their retirement accounts and other savings vehicles to meet their future needs. But it seems like every month or two we encounter a new research study that suggests the […]

A Credit Score of 800 or Higher? It’s Possible, with These 5 Tips

Most of us know that these days our credit score is extremely important – and not just when we want to borrow money. Landlords have been known to use credit scores to help decide whether a tenant is worth renting to. Credit scores can affect everything from finding employment to buying a house. Auto companies […]
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