AgingOptions Life Plan: Housing

“Where do I see myself living when ___?” is actually a great question, but one that few individuals or couples gain proper perspective in answering.

From aging in place, to downsizing, to placement in a fitting care community, a comprehensive housing assessment is the starting point.

You’re Not Ready to Retire Until You’ve Answered This Key Question

So you think you’re ready for retirement? You have your financial plan in place and you’re pretty certain you know what you need to know about Medicare and Social Security? That’s a good start, but it’s not enough. This recent article on the financial website Kiplinger tells us that no one is really ready to […]

NBC News Suggests Ways to Care for Aging Parents Without Going Broke

Are you caring for your aging parents? If so, then you already know how heavy a burden it can be, emotionally and financially. But even if your parents don’t seem to need your assistance now, there’s a growing likelihood they will in the years to come, and the more prepared you are for your new […]

Boomers Seeking to Age in Place are Fueling a Remodeling Boom

If you’re a home remodeler, the future for your business appears to looks bright – thanks to a growing number of baby boomers who are remodeling their homes so they can age in place. That’s according to an article that appeared very recently on the website of the Associated Press, called “If You Build it, […]

More Seniors are Relocating to be Close to Their Own Very Old Parents

These days it’s certainly not unusual to think about adult children moving to another community – or another state – to be close to their aging parents. Traditionally, the image in our minds used to be that of a couple in their late 40s or early 50s moving to be near a Mom or Dad […]

CBS Financial Expert Calls Reverse Mortgages “Smart” for Seniors

“A smart way for seniors to tap home equity” – that’s the headline on a just-published column by CBS Moneywatch columnist Kathy Kristof touting the advantages of the reverse mortgage. If you’re considering this powerful financial tool, this article will provide some compelling arguments. Kristof’s column appeared a few days ago on the CBS News […]

If You’re Planning for Retirement, You Need to Do It Twice!

Some people think that “retirement planning” means “planning for all the things I want to do after I retire.” But it’s not that simple. That’s why the opening lines of a recent article we read in the Seattle Times caught our attention. “There’s the retirement that looks like the commercials: biking, travel, enjoying the family,” […]

Helpful Questions to Evaluate a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

Moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility is often an emotionally charged experience, for the resident and for the extended family. But sometimes finding the right facility, especially in the midst of all that emotion, makes the transition even more challenging. How can a loving child or spouse know whether he or she […]

Data Shows Quality of Life Improves After Moving to Assisted Living

Aging in place may be the hot trend for seniors these days, but as we always remind radio listeners and seminar attendees, staying in your own home as you age might not be the appropriate choice for everybody. As if to reinforce that caveat, we have just discovered this revealing article from a website called […]

You’re in Charge: Six Ways to Take More Control of Your Retirement

Recently we ran across an article on the “Money” website of US News that we felt might encourage some of our readers and listeners who are uneasy about retirement – especially if, like many, you’re worried giving up a lot of control over your life after you retire. The fact is, as this reassuring article […]

Growing Population of Seniors Means a Coming Housing Shortage

Have you heard the term “the graying of America”? It describes the fact that the median age in the U.S. is getting older. As baby boomers – that huge group of babies born between the mid-1940’s and the early 1960’s – get older, so does the country. One indicator of this trend: according to an […]
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