AgingOptions Life Plan: Housing

“Where do I see myself living when ___?” is actually a great question, but one that few individuals or couples gain proper perspective in answering.

From aging in place, to downsizing, to placement in a fitting care community, a comprehensive housing assessment is the starting point.

This “Misunderstood” Financial Tool Could Rescue Your Retirement

There’s a crisis looming in America when it comes to retirement No doubt you’ve read the articles and heard the news stories about this oncoming tidal wave of challenges for retirees, especially aging boomers We’ve written about this issue several times on the AgingOptions Blog As baby boomers retire – now at the rate of

Deciding When and Why to Retire: it’s Emotional, not just Financial

Retirement planning is our professional focus here at AgingOptions, and that means we read a great number of articles and studies that flood the internet every week Since the baby boomer generation has begun to retire, the sheer volume of information about retirement planning has exploded In fact, out of curiosity, we just tried entering

The RAISE Act: Bipartisan Legislation will Aid Family Caregivers

Last week on our AgingOptions blog we posted this article describing how serving as a family caregiver while holding down a regular job is “a recipe for stress” But now we’re pleased – and a bit surprised – to be able to report some good news on the caregiving front: the successful passage of bi-partisan

Hidden Financial Deals Cause Nursing Home Care to Suffer

It’s every family’s worst nightmare You place a loved one in a nursing home, trusting that the facility you’ve chosen will provide the kind of quality care they need But after a few months, you realize that, instead of providing excellent care, the nursing home is plagued with neglect, chronically understaffed, and filled with residents

Caring for Elders While Holding a Job: the Prescription for Stress

Some months ago we read a report on the blog of the AARP that revealed a problem too often overlooked, but one that will sound familiar to a significant number of Americans The problem is the growing number of people, estimated at nearly 24 million workers, who are holding down paying jobs while at the

It’s Not About the Money: Top Tips for a Happy Retirement Lifestyle

Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments is a nationally known financial expert, author of almost a dozen books about money, and one of the top 200 wealthiest people in America So when Fisher comes out with what he calls his favorite tips for retirees, you might expect them to be all about finances, right Well, you

Bullying in Assisted Living: How to Deal with a Growing Epidemic

Imagine this scenario After years of watching your aging parent grow increasingly frail, you and your family, with your loved one’s assent, decide it’s time to move to assisted living You search out facilities in your community and find the one that seems ideal Your parent moves in, but instead of thriving he or she

Holiday Family Time May Be the Best Time for Long-Term Care Talk

Are you getting together with family during the holidays As odd as the idea may seem, these family gatherings – especially if you’re not physically together very often – might provide the ideal opportunity to have a conversation about a topic many families avoid: long-term care We ran across this article last week on the

Cities Pledge to Help Seniors, Especially Millions of “Elder Orphans”

Are you an elder orphan If you are, you’re not alone A recent article that appeared here on the aging-related website NextAvenue describes how all the normal changes that come with aging, physically, mentally and socially, are harder for a senior to bear if he or she is among the 29 percent of non-institutionalized seniors

Nursing Home Rating System Plagued with Inaccuracies, Says Report

Since 2008, consumers searching for the best quality nursing care facilities have relied on a 5-star rating system on the “Nursing Home Compare” website maintained by the US Government (that website is located here – it allows you to search and review nursing care facilities by zip code or locale) The site includes a rating
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