AgingOptions Life Plan: Housing

“Where do I see myself living when ___?” is actually a great question, but one that few individuals or couples gain proper perspective in answering.

From aging in place, to downsizing, to placement in a fitting care community, a comprehensive housing assessment is the starting point.

Looking for an Alternative Lifestyle in Retirement? Consider Co-Housing

People often say that the baby boomers like to put their generational stamp on things Well, it appears that now they’re doing to the field of senior housing The “advance wave” of this huge group of men and women is now a few years into their 70’s, and while a majority still prefers to age

CBS Calls Reverse Mortgage the “Rodney Dangerfield of Retirement”

Earlier this year, we ran across an article that we wanted to share again, because we think the premise is still valid In spite of all its advantages, and an ever more robust set of legal safeguards, there are still millions of homeowners apparently unwilling (or too uninformed) to take advantage of one of the

Helpful Ways to Advocate for a Loved One in Long Term Care

Do you have a loved one – a spouse, parent, or other close friend or relative – living in a long-term care facility Whether they live in a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehabilitation ward or any other form of long-term senior housing, you probably worry about them getting the type of care they need

Keeping Nursing Home Stays Short is in Everyone’s Best Interests

You’re 65 years old or older You have to go to the hospital for a few days Where will you go after you’re discharged Most of us would answer, “Home, of course” But the fact is that 20 percent of seniors who are hospitalized end up being discharged to a nursing home That’s what we

Who Should Get an HECM? Solid Answers to Common Questions

With all the articles we’ve read and conversations we’ve heard here at AgingOptions about the Home Equity Conversion Loan, or HECM – commonly called the reverse mortgage – the question millions of older homeowners are still asking themselves is simple: “Is a reverse mortgage right for me” We can’t count the number of times we’ve

Ride-Share Services Could One Day Help Alleviate Senior Transportation Woes

It’s interesting to find helpful, aging-related articles in unlikely places At least, that’s how we reacted when we ran across this article that appeared very recently on the political website Politico As part of a special report called Aging in America, Politico published an insightful analysis on one way some people are seeking to solve

Nursing Home Costs Continue to Rise, Says Industry Survey

If you’ve shopped for long term care services lately, either for yourself or for a loved one, then the fact that nursing home costs are continuing to go up year after year won’t come as a surprise However, since most people don’t start comparison shopping for nursing care or assisted living until an urgent need

“Golden Girls” Revisited? The Pros and Cons of Living with Roommates

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia – they were television’s Golden Girls, living as housemates and sharing life together back in the 1980’s They were funny, irreverent and iconic They got on each other’s nerves but also loved and supported one another And now, more than three decades later, we find ourselves wondering: could the Golden

Kiplinger Endorses Reverse Mortgages, Warns of New Fees and Regs

In back to back articles on the authoritative Kiplinger financial website, the highly regarded financial source recently came out with a piece strongly endorsing the power of the reverse mortgage to help retirees better afford retirement – then followed up days later with another article warning of big changes to come in reverse mortgage fees

Assisted Living May Be Ideal for Many Seniors, but Families Have Got to do Their Homework

If you subscribe to the authoritative magazine Consumer Reports, you were probably intrigued just as we were by the October 2017 issue The cover showed the hand of a frail senior being tenderly held by a much younger hand, beneath the headline, “Who Will Care for You” The subtitle said, “Understanding the facts about elder
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