AgingOptions Life Plan: Housing

“Where do I see myself living when ___?” is actually a great question, but one that few individuals or couples gain proper perspective in answering.

From aging in place, to downsizing, to placement in a fitting care community, a comprehensive housing assessment is the starting point.

Kiplinger Endorses Reverse Mortgages, Warns of New Fees and Regs

In back to back articles on the authoritative Kiplinger financial website, the highly regarded financial source recently came out with a piece strongly endorsing the power of the reverse mortgage to help retirees better afford retirement – then followed up days later with another article warning of big changes to come in reverse mortgage fees

Assisted Living May Be Ideal for Many Seniors, but Families Have Got to do Their Homework

If you subscribe to the authoritative magazine Consumer Reports, you were probably intrigued just as we were by the October 2017 issue The cover showed the hand of a frail senior being tenderly held by a much younger hand, beneath the headline, “Who Will Care for You” The subtitle said, “Understanding the facts about elder

Hey, Boomers: Your Millennial Kids Don’t Want your Precious Heirlooms

We had to chuckle as we re-read this article that was published in USA Today  last fall It was titled, “Boomers often rebuffed when passing down heirlooms,” and it describes – in humorous but accurate terms – the emotional disconnect between boomer parents and millennial kids when it comes to all that stuff Mom and

A Family Caregiver Contract Can Prevent Conflict, but Getting it Right May Require Professional Guidance

If you’re searching for the best person to provide in-home care for an aging loved one, you may have a family member in mind – a sibling, adult grandchild, or other relative who you can trust to provide the kind of care your loved one deserves Maybe you’re the one tapped to be the caregiver

Reverse Mortgage Changes May Mean The Time to Apply is Now!

In a move that caught mortgage experts off guard, the federal government has just come out with proposed changes to the regulations governing reverse mortgages – changes that one lender called “huge” and “very significant” Since the announcement of the rule changes came to light, there has been a spate of news articles – such

Harvard Study: U.S. Unprepared for Looming Crisis in Senior Housing

Nearly three-quarters of senior Americans want to live in their own homes as they age – but less than one percent of American housing stock is properly equipped to accommodate them That’s just one finding that grabbed our attention from a comprehensive study by Harvard University called “Housing America’s Older Adults” It’s a long report

Sales of Multi-generational Homes is on the Rise Nationwide

A little over a year ago, The New York Times published an interesting article about a trend in home design that we found encouraging when we encountered it: new homes specifically designed for multi-generational living While this kind of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, the appeal definitely appears to be on the rise We thought we

NY Times says “Walkability” is the Newest Trend in Senior Living

Here in the Pacific Northwest where AgingOptions is located, the real estate market is white hot While many prospective buyers are young families needing more space or millennials trying to qualify for a first home, a significant number are empty nesters or newly-retired couples Many of these older buyers are eager to sell their bigger

What Worries You? Survey Shows Common Age-Related Concerns

Here at AgingOptions we’re always advising people to remember as they plan for retirement that feelings matter In other words, it’s all well and good to make careful plans for your retirement future, but you need to take your emotions into account as well, because how you feel about retirement and what you worry about

Hoping to Age in Place? Technology Could Help Make it Possible

What’s one thing 9 out of 10 seniors say they want to do The answer is, they want to grow older in their own homes – to age in place Some call it “non-assisted living” and some call it “living independently,” but the simple bottom line is that people almost all say they don’t want
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