AgingOptions Life Plan: Housing

“Where do I see myself living when ___?” is actually a great question, but one that few individuals or couples gain proper perspective in answering.

From aging in place, to downsizing, to placement in a fitting care community, a comprehensive housing assessment is the starting point.

Medicaid Coverage of Nursing Home Care: Who Qualifies, Who Doesn’t

On our radio program and in our seminars, one of categories of questions we receive most frequently involves Medicaid.  This social health care program for individuals and families with limited means has been around since 1965, and it’s true that many changes have been enacted through the years. Yet the level of misunderstanding and misinformation […]

Dreaming of a Happy Retirement? Read These 10 Surprising Secrets

Here at AgingOptions we’re always searching for good, solid, practical information about retirement, the kind our clients, readers and radio listeners can use. Unfortunately, we run across a lot of bad retirement advice – which makes it so refreshing when we discover the good kind. The article described below is a case in point. On […]

Want to Stay in Your Home Longer? Consider These 6 Upgrades

Staying in your home as you age, or “aging in place,” is all the rage among retirees and future retirees, and for good reason. We’ve studied this issue for years, and read many articles about aging in place, which is something nine out of ten seniors say they prefer to do. For most seniors we […]

Considering Buying a Second Home? Prepare for Some Surprises

It’s winter in the Pacific Northwest, the time of year when even the most passionate fans of the region start thinking wistfully of a sunny get-away. But if winter makes you long to buy that vacation cabin or beach home you’ve been dreaming about, it may be time for a wake-up call, because owning a […]

400,000 American Retirees Are Living Happily Overseas. Should You?

According to an article published by the Associated Press just a few weeks ago, more and more Americans are deciding to retire someplace outside the U.S. The AP reports that the number of overseas American retirees, now approaching 400,000, grew 17 percent between 2010 and 2015, and the trajectory is heading upward as the baby […]

Beyond the Brochure: What Your Retirement Community Won’t Tell You

Here at AgingOptions we typically hear from our clients, radio listeners and seminar guests that it’s their fervent hope to stay in their homes as they age – to “age in place,” as this preference is called. Aging in place is a wonderful option for retirees, but it’s not the only option. There are still […]

“Internet of Caring Things” Enhances Security, Raises Privacy Issues

Have you heard the term “the Internet of Things”? If you haven’t, you will. The phrase Internet of Things refers to the growing practice of developing networked devices, so-called “smart devices” that are linked through the Internet. This kind of technology is becoming universal: experts predict that we could be surrounded by as many as […]

This “Misunderstood” Financial Tool Could Rescue Your Retirement

There’s a crisis looming in America when it comes to retirement. No doubt you’ve read the articles and heard the news stories about this oncoming tidal wave of challenges for retirees, especially aging boomers. We’ve written about this issue several times on the AgingOptions Blog. As baby boomers retire – now at the rate of […]

Hey, Boomers: Your Millennial Kids Don’t Want your Precious Heirlooms

We had to chuckle as we read this article that was just published in USA Today.  It’s titled, “Boomers often rebuffed when passing down heirlooms,” and it describes – in humorous but accurate terms – the disconnect between boomer parents and millennial kids when it comes to all that stuff Mom and Dad have lying […]

Retirees Can Make New Friends, Save Money through Shared Housing

Aging in place – staying in your own home – may be all the rage, but all too many retirees face a different challenge: aging alone. (We wrote about this phenomenon in this AgingOptions blog post just a few weeks ago.) There are many reasons why this happens, including seniors who are divorced or widowed […]
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