Medicare Open Enrollment is Here – and it’s Wise Not to Skip It!

The Medicare open enrollment period is here again. It begins each October 15th and continues through December 7th, and according to this recent article on the website MarketWatch, you really shouldn’t skip it. If you do, you could be missing out on hundreds of dollars in savings. Open enrollment refers to that time each year […]

Seniors with Frail Health Often Improperly Screened, Face Greater Risks

A recent article caught our eye on the website called HealthDay. It reveals the disturbing fact that many physicians fail to properly screen their senior surgery patients for signs of frail health. As a result, these patients and their families face much longer than expected recovery times and must often cope with a host of […]

Not Getting Answers from Your Doctor? It’s Time to Speak Up!

In past generations it was generally considered unthinkable to question one’s doctor. Physicians possessed unchallenged authority, and their words carried nearly divine weight. Ironically, even in today’s skeptical age, some patients – especially older ones – still feel reluctant to challenge their doctor about anything he or she says. (If you want to read more […]

Considering Hip or Knee Replacement? It Pays to Shop Around

The opening line in a very recent article on the popular financial website caught our eye. It read, “Some 50 years ago, fans were rocking to ‘Twist and Shout.’ These days, the same crowd is rolling on over to orthopedic surgeons for hip and knee replacements.” Ouch! We can certainly relate, and we’ll bet […]

It’s Time to Start Exploring the Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage

Medicare open enrollment starts next month, on October 15. If you’re like most new enrollees, you have more questions than answers. That’s why we recommend this timely article from the financial website Kiplinger that sheds important light on the pros and cons of the popular plans called Medicare Advantage. (Before we highlight some of the […]

Depression, Dementia Linked to a Deficiency in This Common Vitamin

It’s a painful sight to see someone you love slip into mental decline. Sometimes along with their growing confusion, these people experience signs of depression and often a declining will to live. The downward spiral seems irreversible. Or is it? A growing body of research is starting to show more and more conclusively that some […]

Growing Evidence Suggests that Working Longer Keeps You Healthier

Everybody knows – or assumes – that worker productivity tends to decline as we get older, and by the time we hit so-called “retirement age” we’re pretty much spent as far as our work life is concerned. That’s the conventional wisdom, right? Well, as it turns out, this particular conventional wisdom is false. With Labor […]

Best Way to Stave Off Dementia, Experts Say: Hit the Gym

Here at AgingOptions we review many, many articles and studies about dementia every year. That’s because afflictions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia tend to be the number one fear of many aging adults. Most of us have watched parents and other loved ones cope with this debilitating, destructive condition, and we […]

Survey Shows Seniors are Happier, Less Anxious than Younger Peers

In the face of a culture that seems increasingly to value youth and devalue old age, here’s some great counter-cultural news: a just-released survey shows that older adults are actually happier and less anxious than their younger peers. You can read this encouraging article here on the website called HealthDay. It’ll make your day, as […]