Estimated Lifetime Healthcare Costs for Today’s Retirees now $260,000

There’s a brand new report just released that contains sobering news for anyone about to retire, and we’ve run across several articles in major news outlets about it. Here’s the bottom line: new estimates state that a 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need a whopping $260,000 to cover their health care costs in retirement. […]

Advances in Auto Technology Can Help Seniors Keep Driving Longer

If you’ve shopped for a new car recently, or read any of the automotive journals, you know that technological advances in vehicle design are exploding. In the past the focus of new automotive technology seemed to be purely on higher gas mileage and lower emissions, but today’s new cars have become rolling showcases of digital […]

Elder-Specific Hospital Wards Can Prevent Decline and Save Money

Nearly 13 million seniors are hospitalized each year. That’s a big number – but what’s worse is that many of these patients will suffer lasting damage from their hospital stay. That’s because most hospitals are not designed with the needs of seniors in mind. But a relatively small number of pioneering hospitals is changing that, […]

New Medicare Law to Help Close Loophole in Nursing Home Coverage

You have an urgent medical problem, so you go to the hospital, where you’re kept under observation for several days. Your doctor then recommends a short stay in a nursing home for rehabilitation. Because you’re covered by Medicare, you assume those nursing home costs will be paid for, since Medicare typically covers up to 100 […]

New York Times Article Slams the Popularity of “Useless Surgery”

If you were sitting in your doctor’s office, suffering from back or knee pain, and your doctor recommended surgery, would you agree? What if you knew that clinical trials had labelled the recommended surgery as basically useless? That’s the question posed in a fascinating article we read this week on the website of the New […]

Mentally Stimulating, People-Oriented Work May Slow Alzheimer’s

The link between mental stimulation and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease has been debated for years. Conflicting studies seem to produce uncertain outcomes, with some claiming that keeping the brain active can inhibit the progression of dementia while others deny any connection. Now a new study from Alzheimer’s researchers at the University of Wisconsin suggests […]

Mental Stimulation Won’t Cure Dementia, but it Brings Many Benefits

In spite of what many believe, researchers have shown that “brain games” and other mentally stimulating activities for seniors can’t stave off dementia, especially for those genetically predisposed. However, this recent article in the New York Times suggests that classes in brain fitness and other, similar activities are showing significant improvement in the quality of […]