Medicare Advantage Plans Save You Money, but Limit Your Choices

If you’re presently enrolled in Medicare, or are planning to enroll soon, you’ll be interested in this just-published article we found on the website of the news service Reuters. This article will provide helpful food for thought for those trying to choose between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. As with many similar decisions, buyers […]

Cognitive Decline is Not Inevitable! How to Maximize Your Brain Health

When we talk with our clients about healthy aging, the biggest single thing most of them worry about is cognitive decline. There is probably no other health condition that so completely robs retirees of their dream to live independently. Cognitive decline is often the chief factor that results in seniors being forced into institutional care […]

Many Are Missing Out on Home Health Coverage Through Medicare

If you’re a Medicare-eligible senior who needs home health care, you may be surprised to learn that Medicare may cover the costs. But many qualified seniors never apply, while others find their benefits cut off prematurely, all because Medicare home health benefits are widely misunderstood. That’s the conclusion in this recent article on the financial […]

Many Seniors Don’t Take Advantage of Money-Saving Medicare Program

This month, according to an article on the website of the Reuters news service, more than 2 million Americans are receiving letters promising to help reduce Medicare costs. Many will dismiss these letters as a suspicious-sounding fraud. But the program and the savings are real, and they’re good news for those low-income seniors who qualify. […]

Budget Cuts, Strict Regulations Keep Many “Trapped” in Nursing Homes

A just-published investigation in the New York Times revealed a startling and disturbing fact. Of the estimated 1.4 million Americans living in nursing homes, many could thrive living elsewhere with some basic home help, but are unwillingly confined to the institutions where they live. In some cases this situation has persisted for decades. We encourage […]